Carrie, Managing Editor

Truly an independent wandergirl, Carrie doesn’t need a plus one to enjoy time spent doing anything at all. Be it dining at restaurants, photography trips, watching a Rachael Yamagata Concert or learning something new, if there’s no one else available, she’ll go for it anyway – solo.

A slice of life and beautiful photos can be found at her personal blog

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Rachie, Senior Editor

Rachie has been partying since before she was legal. At one point she must have been a permanent fixture at Phuture, Zouk with her regular visits three times a week. The resident party queen has since toned things down a notch, but still continues to attend the most happening parties and events around town. Other than partying, Rachie is an avid traveler who loves the rush of leaving on a jet plane.

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The Cambelles
Nat. K, Contributing Beauty Editor

Having been in the beauty industry for 5 years and worked as a makeup artist, our guest writer, Nat, has taken off her high heels to truly enjoy playing with cosmetics.

She’s most content when hunting down beauty bargains, hoarding lipstick, amassing holy grail skincare products, drooling over new products and, of course, sharing all the good stuff with you!

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Mellissa, Contributing Lifestyle Editor

Art enthusiast, food explorer and nature lover. Mellissa thinks that a perfect day would entail spending time to doodle and paint, trying out that new tze char place, and watching The Blue Planet DVD. She hopes that one day she’ll be able to catch musicals at Broadway or West End theatres, try different cuisines around the world, and visit the Amazon rainforest. Last but not least, Mellissa firmly believes in the power of words.

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Priscilla P, Contributing Food & Entertainment Editor

When words fail, music speaks. Priscilla loves hitting the road with music as she curates distinctive playlists for different occasions. On-the-Road, Hitting-Gym, Just-for-Cafes, Travel-Pieces, every slice of her journey is complemented with a unique piece of melody. On the high note, an avid traveller who seeks new adventures with spontaneous travel plans whilst on the low note, a simple girl who finds herself sipping the afternoon away with a cuppa coffee for the caffeine lover her.

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Jolyn. T, Food Contributor

Growing up in a world revolving around food, Jolyn enjoys hopping around the little red dot to try various eateries from a fine-dining restaurant to a local hawker stall. Believing that food is not only about taste and presentation, she seeks out unique dining concepts that involve all the five senses.

She also love to experiment with recipes during her leisure time and travel round the world to taste authentic local cuisine to flourish her culinary knowledge.

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Eunice T, Travel & Lifestyle Contributor

Escapades, sun, sand and sea are just her thing. Eunice is constantly in her lofty dreams of travelling and will make them a reality at some point. An explorer who enjoys taking road trips and planning them. She ventures to immerse herself in the beauty of travel and local culture. An adrenaline junkie and amateur wakeboarder, her face beams with joy the moment she’s out at sea. Unwinding to a good drink at a nice chillout bar or bistro will suffice to make this girl beaming with a smile and ending the day right.

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Chai Y, Travel & Lifestyle Contributor

Once a member of the kebaya jet set, Chai has traded mad cap work travelling for a leisurely life of longer trips abroad, yoga, cafe hopping, and indulging her inner nerd.

By day she works in a princess’ dream closet, and by night on her Top Secret Project To Save The World. She’s always really busy- so approach with caution…and bring coffee.

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Flora Isabelle, Lifestyle Contributor

Part-time founder of ClubCouture and full-time tourist, Flora spends most of her time on her blog where she writes about her travels, food adventures and life as a military wife.

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Shafinah Neville, Travel & Lifestyle Contributor

Shafinah is a midnight baker, a heedless traveller, and an awfully distracted writer – all of which she does far too infrequently for her own liking. In her free time, Shafinah puts immense effort into researching places she will never visit; dabbling in truncated bouts of rookie writing; and swearing by her continual quest to test out all recipes in her sixty-three (and counting) cookbooks. To date, she is done with one.

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Wwei, Travel & Lifestyle Contributor

Wanderlust has made Wwei travel around the world. A 21-hour flight for someone who gets air sickness might seem like an extremely undesirable and unnecessary experience, but not for her. When she is not busy hanging out with her cat and setting up her business, she plans escapades to different parts of the world and more often than not, she winds up on a food adventure and happily gains a few pounds from her short getaway.

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Ashley Cheang, Contributing Photographer

A courageous and free woman, Ashley is a hobbyist photographer turned professional. Founder and owner of Illumi Training, a training company that focuses on unlocking the hidden emotions of others through exploration of photographic techniques, she lives her passion and dreams day in and out.


Solo Wandergirl

Jade Isabelle, Contributor

Legal Executive by day, casual doodler and blogger 24/7. Jade seeks solace in writing and sketching – her preferred tools of communication.

Currently on a journey of personal development and learning to love myself better every day.

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Lostcompass, Contributor

An open book with some chapters written in invisible ink. She lives in multiple little bubbles, each one a different color. She loves cultural anthropology and nothing fascinates her more than the intricate mind games that cultures plays with us all.

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