It’s been a crazy year of being a mother. Aria’s first birthday signifies my first year of becoming a single full-time working mother. I’d be lying through my pants if I said it wasn’t difficult. It was one of the most challenging year of my life. You are never ready to become a mom until you become one. It took quite awhile for my postnatal depression to go away. My maternity leave ended and I had to go back to work. I had to balance between work and spending time with my daughter while dealing with the constant mom guilt. Hence the lack of post on The Cambelles and lack of sleep too (haha!). Oh my god, I survived it all.

This party was also to thank everyone who was there for me when I needed them. Everyone who was so supportive and I honestly don’t know what I would do without them.

Dessert Table

As I was very busy with work, I decided to take it easy and let the experts execute the idea. I had hosted Aria’s full month party at Hokey Pokey and discovered that they do dessert tables as well! I decided that the party would be Carousel inspired as one of the essential items that I’ve always used on Aria is the Carousel Tula.

You can check out their outstation dessert table package here. I had chosen the full table package. Everything was very prompt. They gave me a few designs and also made me an invitation card with the venue and timing of the party. I was very impressed by the dessert table. It was simply too pretty to eat.


I saw this cake when a parent from a Facebook Parenting Group shared it and fell in love with it. It’s from a home baker Munirah. You can check out her facebook group Glazed. Her creations are amazing and the cake actually taste really good. The icing was not too sweet and the chocolate cake was moist.


I was looking around for venues and wanted to find somewhere with a lot of space and light for awesome photos. Toys would be a plus as well so that it can keep the children entertained. I managed to find Trehaus. It’s a co-working space with childminding facilities. They also do events and parties. They are also conveniently located in Orchard at Claymore Connect. I was sold when I saw the place and the CEO Rachel was very passionate and helpful in advising on children’s parties. It was very baby friendly as they had a baby changing room. It is the perfect place for a children’s birthday party.

All the children had a lot of fun playing with the toys and especially the birthday girl. She was the last to leave the place. She had so much fun that she missed her nap and was so upset when we left.

Goodie Bag

Since most of the guests would be kids, I was thinking what should I give to the guests and I thought why not give them something that is essential. A must-have in a diaper bag is Cloversoft Baby Wipes. Made from Unbleached Bamboo, CloverSoft Bamboo Baby Cloth Wipes are made using 99% pure water and 1% certified organic and plant based ingredients.

They are so soft, thick and moist. Even if there is a poop blowout, you only need like one sheet or two sheet max compared to other brands whereby they are so thin and I have to use so many sheets just to clean her bum. Special thanks to Cloversoft for their kind generosity in sponsoring the baby wipes so that we can share the joy to the rest of the children and parents.


I selected Belly Good by Tung Lok Group and they were great. It’s hard to find a good halal caterer. Everything was set up on time and the drinks are not watered down cordial but they provided bottles of Pokka Green Tea or Peach Tea.

Lastly, remember to get a photographer! While you are busy receiving your guests and talking to them, it may be difficult to pull out that camera to take photos of the party. You want to enjoy the party afterall. Hiring a photographer to take photo of the party so that you can look back on what happened during the party. I booked my photographer Shayne via Phats Phats Studio and he is amazing! He is very patient and manages to catch the attention of the kids. You know how difficult it is to get a photo of the child looking straight at the camera. The photos in this post are all taken by him. Here’s my favourite photo of Aria.

Even though it was very tough since I was pregnant with Aria and I had wanted to give up so many times, Aria is all worth it. I cannot imagine life without her and she is my motivation everyday to be a better person and never give up. I’ve never felt so much love for a little person. I’ve watched her grow from a mini bean in my belly to a 3.77kg baby. I’ve witnessed her milestones from learning how to flip over, sitting upright, crawling and eventually learning how to walk. She’s brought so much joy into my life.

“And she loved a little girl, very very much – even more than she loved herself.”