Looking for a fresh dining experience for romantic dates or cosy girls catch up nights? Consider modern Cantonese cuisine within an elegant heritage building at VLV.

If like us you’ve spent your teen years at Clarke Quay, you’ll probably remember IndoChine – The Forbidden City. The old dame vacated the building back in 2014 and in its place now is a chic newcomer which balances modernity and heritage – VLV Singapore.


Look at that decor

At VLV, fine Cantonese cuisine is given a modern twist. Dine in absolute glamour at the second floor, where you’ll find the 140-seater elegant restaurant area. Absolutely stunning interiors definitely set the mood for a romantic night out or a special occasion with the girls.


Gorgeous second level dining area

Equally remarkable are the delightful menu items and if you only have space for a few dishes, we share our favourites with you.



Look at that beauty!

The Peking Duck here is a real experience. It’s served not one, but two ways. First you eat it like how you would a traditional peking duck – you wrap your own and include the condiments and fillings to your liking.


Wrap it the way you like your Peking Duck

At VLV, the Peking Duck comes with a steaming basket of soft, thin wheat flour crepe (skin), romaine lettuce, fried beancurd skin for some crunch, cucumbers, Goma Hoi Sin sauce, VLV’s own unique Truffle Foie Gras sauce and delicious sliced avocados.


So thin and crisp

Sounds like a mouthful, but you won’t believe how well this all goes together. Oh, and of course the Peking Duck is perfect. The skin is thin, crisp and beautifully roasted. I hear VLV uses 45 day old duck (that’s the optimum for the duck to be at its most tender) which is slow roasted till extremely crisp.



Next, the tender duck is marinated in a spicy sauce and rolled into adorable little cones. Without saying, this was also presented with flourish – dry ice and a puff of smoke. What did I say about it being a real experience?



VLV’s Beggar Chicken is baked for over 4 hours

If you think that was theatrical, wait till you’ve tried VLV’s Beggar Chicken.


Get ready to knock the clay to reveal the baked Beggar Chicken


Staff portion out the Beggar Chicken

Arriving enclosed within a clay cocoon or sorts and burning in flames, the clay must be knocked open with a hammer before revealing the whole golden brown baked chicken wrapped in lotus leaf and bamboo shoots. Perfect for end of week stress relief!


Fluffy and chewy rice to go with VLV’s Beggar Chicken

Wait till you’ve tried the special rice that comes with VLV’s Beggar Chicken. The rice is grown in high altitude and has a texture unlike typical Jasmine Rice or even Japanese Rice. It’s light, fluffy and chewy.

OR NEE ($12)


A reinvention of Or Nee (Yam Paste Dessert)

This is a dream come true. Or Nee (a traditional Teochew yam paste dessert) is typically served piping hot but VLV’s rendition of Or Nee is served cold. Little balls of pumpkin sit atop the Or Nee (yam paste) and coconut ice cream. Rich enough to satiate the sweet tooth but light enough to make you want another cool serving. Hey, every woman has got a separate stomach for desserts anyway right?

VLV Singapore
3 Merchant’s Court, River Valley Road,
#01-02, Singapore 179020
+65 6661 0197
Daily: 12:00PM – 3:00PM, 6:00pm – 11:00pm