1. Soooo… over the course of the past couple of weeks, I became a BRAND NEW PERSON.
  2. All it took was for me to change ONE THOUGHT about myself.
  3. You know, there’s a thoughts -> feelings -> actions -> results chain.
  4. I firmly believe that my thoughts affect my feelings, which affect my actions, which affect my results.
  5. BUT all along, I’d severely underestimated the power of my thoughts and feelings.
  6. Didn’t even realise how my whole life could change with just ONE simple, tiny tweak.
  7. Until 2 weeks ago, I had been entertaining secret wishes.
  8. Ever found yourself wishing you were “just like so-and-so”, “as pretty/thin/fit/strong as so-and-so”, “half as good as so-and-so”?
  9. I have. I have.
  10. And it’s super difficult for me to admit these wishes were a result of me thinking and feeling that I was simply not good enough.
  11. Insecurities, self-doubt… yeah, yeah the usual self-belittling crap.
  12. WHY did I waste so much of my life wishing I was like somebody else?
  13. Those moments thrown away, when I could have focused on building myself UP?
  14. Negative, self-deprecating talk, beating myself up for not “being” a certain way?
  15. Tsk tsk tsk. WASTED.
  16. The Universe must have finally gotten its message across to me.
  17. Well, that took long enough.
  18. My entire perspective changed.
  19. “I AM ENOUGH.”
  20. That was what I told myself. I AM good enough, I AM worthy enough, I AM strong enough.
  21. Wow. It’s like I’d been trapped in darkness all this while and someone called the electrician.
  22. I reached inside and CONFRONTED MY DEMONS – the very reasons leading me to think I was never good enough.
  23. Are those demons REAL? Am I simply influenced by others’ opinions? Are they justified?
  24. NO, they aren’t real. YES, I let others’ tactless remarks influence the way I see myself. NO, nobody can make me feel a certain way unless I allowed them to.
  25. After the “confrontation”, I understood myself much better.
  26. I WANT to be just like me. I WANT to be as pretty/fit/strong as me. I WANT to be as good as me.
  27. This has been said to death, but there’s really nobody else like you in this whole wide world.
  28. Think about it – if every one of us spent our time wishing we were just like one another… LOL WHUT??
  29. What makes you, YOU?
  30. My vision is in focus AT LAST.
  31. I have been working on myself all along; right now I’m simply continuing on this project with a brand new outlook.
  32. New attitude, new approach, new methods.
  33. I’m extremely results-driven.
  34. When I want something, I go out and work for it cos I believe in earning my stuff. That’s how I like it.
  35. Prior to this “tweak”, I was kind of stuck in a rut?
  36. A self-disparaging cycle of “I’m not good enough”, “I need to work harder”, “I need to be this-that-this-that”.
  37. Never imagined I’d ever get out of it.
  38. I freed me when I started to peg my goals to 2 things: 1. MY FEELINGS and 2. MY PERFORMANCE.
  39. I began to pay more attention to: 1. HOW I FEEL when I’m pursuing my goals, and 2. HOW MY PERFORMANCE is affected by my feelings.
  40. When I feel good = I perform amazingly well.
  41. To feel good, I CHANGED THE WAY I SEE MYSELF.
  42. When I felt bad about myself, I was stuck in a neverending, vicious cycle of negativity, which includes the stuff I mentioned at point #8 above.
  43. It’s literally self-abuse, don’t you think?
  44. I stopped thinking that I’m competing with others; my only competition is ME.
  45. Took me an inordinate amount of time to finally, FINALLY realise that my only “enemy” is me.
  46. Figured out that, in order to meet my goals effectively, I had to become at peace with me.
  47. I’m at peace with myself now.
  48. Apart from feeling awesome and achieving better, there are some other side effects.
  49. I’m so much HAPPIER. I’ve become less affected by stuff that used to invoke much annoyance, resentment, anger, sadness, and negativity.
  50. Pretty good for a start. Can’t wait to see how this develops!

xx J