Not sure where to learn Tennis from scratch in Singapore? We took on a four lesson challenge to see how much we could pick up with Banana Tennis Academy.

How much do I know about tennis? Close to zilch. Alright, I only know the names of tennis stars – Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal and Serena Williams. In fact, prior to my first tennis class with Banana Tennis Academy, I didn’t even know what the lines on the court were called.

I was offered four classes of adult tennis lessons and promised that classes would be progressive. That said I wasn’t too hopeful. I’m kind of terrible at any sport involving aiming at a ball.

So what did I need to start off with? Just comfortable sports attire. In addition, I just needed to book and pay for the court booking fee at a public tennis court.

Tip: If you’ve not yet used your ActiveSG credits, you can use the S$100 e-credits to book sports facilities – this includes any public tennis court!

Alternatively, if I had access to a condo or private tennis court, I only need to book it and grant my instructor access to it.

I didn’t even need to worry about the racquet. Because I was a newbie, my Banana Tennis Academy instructor, Joel Siow, told me that I need not buy one just yet until I was ready to. In the meanwhile, he would lend me one. If I really was keen to purchase my own after a few lessons, he would provide me with some tips on which racquet would suit me best and I could then head out and grab one of my own.


While I was initially apprehensive about classes, I soon realised that the progressive nature of each class, structured to suit my pace, helped reinforce what I learnt. As I got comfortable with a particular grip, movement and swing, I grew less worried about not “catching up” and just allowed myself to enjoy each lesson.

My instructor, Joel, was also mindful of the one-week gaps between lessons and took time to check on how much I remembered, then repeating small little steps, increasing the pace as I got back into the swing of things (pun intended).


I experienced both private classes and group beginner class with some friends from different beginner levels. Some of them took to the game quicker, while some of us needed a bit of time to pick things up. In that scenario, Joel was also able to provide clear, concise, step-by-step instructions to each person and adapt the class activities in order to maximise each student’s learning during the one hour class.

Whether it was pointing out simple to understand tips on where to correctly position the body or point feet in direction of the approaching tennis ball, instructions were always helpful and with time, some moves became more natural.


Tennis like all other sports, require muscle memory and dedication. I’m sure four lessons is barely scraping the surface, but it was already good enough instruction that by the end of those four lessons, I was able to gauge where the ball would bounce and hit it back. I didn’t always “get it” but I did manage to throw a few good hits back to Joel. I had already made good progress from being a total newbie to tennis.

If you’re considering easy-to-follow tennis classes for beginners, I highly recommend checking out Banana Tennis Academy.

You can opt for bundles of 4 hours or 12 hours (which entitles you to 10% off). Rates for private lessons are $80/hour and pair lessons are $100/hour ($50/hour/pax). Groups of 3 – 6 pax are at $40/hour/pax and it is recommended for for groups, each class is at least 1.5 hours. Understandably so. Time whizzes by when you’re learning in larger groups as you take turns to practise.

Find out more about the fees for different tennis classes with Banana Tennis Academy.

Call +65 9651 9810 or email for enquiries and bookings or fill up this registration form.

Disclosure: We were invited to review four tennis lessons with Banana Tennis Academy. All opinions are our own.