1. I wish there was an instruction manual for adulting.
  2. Like, seriously? I’m THIS CLOSE to being done with pretending to be a functioning adult.
  3. Are we all pretending or am I the only one?
  4. Everyone looks like they know what they’re doing.
  5. What if they actually don’t?
  6. But everybody looks cool.
  7. Unfortunately, work is compulsory.
  8. What, didn’t you know you’re expected to pay for your own food, clothes, and other stuff by now.
  9. How am I supposed to juggle work, personal life, dressing myself properly, overthinking, working out, eating healthy (on a budget!), and 574027607 other adult things ALL AT THE SAME TIME??!?
  10. Speaking of budget, ever wonder why salads cost so much more than junk?
  11. Pathetic green leaves, bits of corn, specks of grains, fancy schmancy names.
  12. The office people are flocking to the green bars though.
  13. Claiming to eat “healthy”, with all those greens drenched in mayonnaise?
  14. Does anyone ever read the back of the bottle where they’ve got the calories stated.
  15. Seriously, make your own salad/lunch.
  16. It probably costs much less than what you’d pay at the bar.
  17. Also, you get to decide exactly what goes into it.
  18. In fact, I’ve been packing my own lunch since forever. *smug*
  19. Really into overnight oats, by the way.
  20. Usually prep a few sets in the evening so I’ll have lunch ready for the next few days. #somuchgenius
  21. Makes me feel like an accomplished adult.
  22. Keeps the budget in check too!
  23. Did I tell you, I’m currently earning my own running gadget?
  24. I’d like to have a Garmin Forerunner 235…
  25. Which costs… $359.10 – hey, that’s the best deal I found so far!
  26. I’ve called it “Jade’s Garmin Fund”.
  27. For every KM I run, I’m donating $1 to the fund.
  28. Fund-raising kicked off 3 days ago, on Monday. Right now, I’ve got $59.01 in the fund.
  29. Only $300.09 to go! 300.09KM. Should have enough 3 weeks later. 🙂
  30. I feel like a responsible adult. Want something? Work for it!
  31. Maybe that’ll be my birthday present? I haven’t gotten anything for myself yet.
  32. I don’t know if I’ll ever “settle down” and be like some of my peers.
  33. Happily married with 2? 3? kids.
  34. Balloting for primary school vacancies and worrying about tuition, all that stuff?
  35. Sounds scary to me, but hey, I admire them you know.
  36. That courage to start a family. To even get married.
  37. Not even talking about physical labour pain here. THAT is extremely noble.
  38. For the record, I DO NOT have commitment phobia, OK?
  39. We’ve all got different priorities in life.
  40. You know what they say – go to a good school, get a good job, marry a good spouse, buy a car, get own home, have 2 kids…
  41. When I look at fresh-faced, eager graduates, I can’t help but think… “So this is the beginning of the rest of your life. You’re gonna be working, working, working, until the day you die.”
  42. Report for work, slave your day away. Go home, make sure your kids do their homework. Cook dinner and stuff. Do your chores.
  43. Every damn day, for the rest of your life.
  44. Perhaps the rebel in me simply refuses to conform to social norms.
  45. I’ve never quite adored the idea of being “normal”.
  46. Normal is so mainstream! I probably stick out like a sore thumb.
  47. Mmm. The Universe has taught me to never say never though.
  48. Might be the mother of 5 kids one day!
  49. Until then, I’m just winging it.
  50. We’ll see how it goes…

xx J