Mellissa checks out ClearSK's newest branch at Kallang Leisure Park, and tries out the treatment that promises a V-shaped face.

Those who know me would know that I’m not the slimmest person around. While I’ve been sticking to a regular exercise regime that includes netball and swimming, my love for food has translated to a wider body frame in general. Maybe it’s a quarter century age crisis, but I’ve started to take more notice of how I look and the methods that would help me look better. And I don’t think anyone would refuse a chance at looking slimmer with minimal effort.

When I was introduced to ClearSK’s Ultra V-lift Session (2nd part of the Twin Facelift programme, which costs $396 and includes an Ulthera Lift for the eyes and brows Line treatment), I was sure this was too good to be true. A treatment that guarantees a sharper face shape, without changing my diet or frequency of exercise, defied everything I’ve been told about beauty. Or at least without going under the needle and other more invasive methods.

Ultra V-lift Experience

ClearSK Stadium Walk Interior - VIP Room Pic 2Stepping into the ClearSK’s latest centre at Kallang Leisure Park was like stepping into an exclusive club, with VIP rooms and classy decor to boot.

As my therapist cleansed my oily face, the aftermath of a busy day at the office, she explained to me that the ageing begins at the deeper subcutaneous tissue level, where the collagen and muscular skin layers reside. And this mild ageing process begins as early as 25 years of age. The deeper skin layers would weaken over time, and I’ll see more wrinkles and saggy skin if nothing is done to slow down the process.

After my face was cleansed, a cooling gel was applied to my face before the therapist gently maneuvered the ultrasound equipment on my face and neck in circular motions. I was rather disturbed by the tickling sensation when the equipment rolled over my neck, and I couldn’t help but clear my throat multiple times. The rest of the face took the treatment well though.

Once the therapist was done with the ultrasound lifting process on my face and neck, she went on to put a cooling tea three face mask so as to cool down my sensitive skin that turned slightly red.

The entire V-lift treatment lasted less than an hour and I was out of the ClearSK centre in no time.

IMG_3102There isn’t much difference after just 1 session of this Ultra V-lift treatment, and frankly I’ll be shocked if it turned out otherwise. I’m sure if I’ve gone through a few more sessions of this Twin Facelift programme, there’ll definitely be clearer results. For anyone who’s thinking of achieving that much coveted V-shape face, why not give this advanced non-invasive technology a try!

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