1. Ohh this race looks DOPE!
  2. Shall sign myself up.
  3. No, I’ll register us BOTH!
  4. It’s fun racing alone, yes. I train alone daily anyways.
  5. But it’s a different kind of fun when you race with a friend!
  6. Especially when it’s your best friend.
  7. I’m so proud of mine; he went from couch potato to badass runner. For me!
  8. Anyways. Let’s see if the runner’s entitlements are worth the entry fees.
  9. Finisher’s medal? CHECK.
  10. I’m a “no medal no race” type of runner. Go ahead, judge me.
  11. Race tee? Neon yellow! My favourite colour ahhh.
  12. Early bird discount too! YAAAASSSS.
  14. Just in case you think I’m cheapo, I’m all for charity runs. Running and benefiting the community? Why not?
  15. Morning races are the best. They free up the day!
  16. Forever grateful for all the hard work the organisers and volunteers put in.
  17. It’s not easy you know, dealing with the crowd and stuff.
  18. Cos when I’m standing in line here? I see it.
  19. Those collecting race packs for their friends or family.
  20. Whom also forgot the letters of authorisation… or didn’t know at all.
  21. Misjudged their tee sizes at the sign-up.
  22. Wrong sock sizes too (pretty dope by the way, those socks).
  23. Making calls to check.
  24. Mixed-up shirts, missing entitlements, confused participants…
  25. And that’s just on race pack collection days.
  26. We’re not even talking event-planning, race day setup, administrative, logistics, post-event activities, and 758426001 other loose ends to tie up.
  27. Baggage deposit, tagging and guarding ’em bags, making sure you stay hydrated as you run along.
  28. Looking out for you just in case you faint and collapse.
  29. Handing out medals, bananas, snacks.
  30. I could go on FOR EVER.
  31. So, be nice to volunteers.
  32. They’re our event heroes.
  33. I’m even thinking of signing up as one in future.
  34. Giving back to the running community!
  35. On race day, I’m either really talkative, or really quiet.
  36. Pre-race jitters, maybe.
  37. Everybody dashes off at the start.
  38. I feel the pressure to race fast.
  39. But I prefer to go easy cos I’m afraid of smacking my face on the ground.
  40. Especially when the race route is dang narrow.
  41. Imagine my race pics.
  42. Bleeding knees? Never fancied those.
  43. OW! Someone just elbowed me in the ribs.
  44. I’m good, I’m good. All part of racing fun!
  45. When are we turning back? Pretty sure we’re way MORE than halfway through already.
  46. Someone tell me again why I signed up for this?
  47. Think of the medal. Thinkofthemedalthinkofthemedalthinkofthemedal.
  48. That feeling when you cross the finish line.
  50. Soooo… when’s the next race?

xx J