This month, the chefs at Sakura rustles up a Seafood Sensation, a menu consisting of 12 whopping new seafood creations showcasing some real punchy Asian flavours – a definite must-explore for all famished wayfarers in the crowd.

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Sakura’s new array of sushi takes the culinary lead in this delightful seafood operation. You don’t have to be a regular to know about their existing all-you-can-eat sushi bar – but wouldn’t you be pleased to discover that the new line-up now includes some serious heavyweights like the King Crab Sushi, Crayfish Salad Mango Maki, and Ebi Fry Avocado Maki? Oh yes siree, these are legitimately premium seafood options that are fresh, ample, and all very well put together; none of the mock meat-ing or scrimping or saving that usually tricks one into slapping down their money only to regret it fifteen minutes into the buffet.

Perhaps I’m a little slow on the sushi frontier, but incidentally, this is the first time I have ever had sushi so ceremoniously paired with something as distinctly tropical as mango; and I must say, I really am delighted by it. I mean, sure, I’ve had sushi infused with the odd (minimal) mango bits quite like an afterthought; but this is the first where mango takes the front seat. The marriage of flavours is surprisingly palatable and not weird at all; and the mango is sweet, juicy, and everything you expect out of a wonderful tropical fruit – well-enunciated enough on its own to stand out, but not overpoweringly so that it drowns the chewy spring of crayfish meat lying just surreptitiously under.

But if that doesn’t whet your appetite, perhaps the following trail of Mentai options will.

 photo 600 2.02_zps6ddjvca4.jpgScallop Mentai

 photo 600 2.03_zpslb02dzib.jpgSlipper Lobster Mentai

 photo 600 2.04_zpsejhrxrkd.jpgMussels Mentai

 photo 600 2.05_zpsdo4gdlgg.jpgAka Ebi Mentai

Mentaiyaki lovers will know that they don’t come cheap. Eating establishments are usually either stingy with the serving or fancy with their pricing; and you can’t really blame them for either. I’m no Japanese chef, but even I know that the production of quality authentic Mentaiyaki isn’t an easy one: many attempts at this intricate dish often ends up involving the use butter or cheese, just to replicate the taste.

So how lucky we are now to have this vast medley of Mentai dishes sprawled out in front of us, served not only in buffet style, but also in an all-inclusive buffet pricing. Satisfying that Mentaiyaki craving will no longer require you to clutch cautiously on to your wallets as you mentally work out how much the bill is creeping up to. And don’t think that you won’t be getting a bang for your buck just because it’s free-for-all, all-you-can-eat- expect the same beautiful, rich burst of creamy goodness as you would at a Japanese restaurant of reasonable quality.

(On a side note, Salmon Mentai and Chicken Mentai are on the list too.)

 photo 600 2.07_zpsjgyin9zs.jpg

And over here, you’ll see Sakura paying tribute to the craziest food trend plaguing all local food houses this year: the Salted Egg Yolk Red Prawns.

The rich savoury butteryness of salted egg yolk has clearly swept the entire nation off its feet. Forget croissants and biscuits – we innovative Singaporeans have progressed so much with this trend within the past 6 months; from macarons to ice cream to rainbow cakes and the likes, there is no saying what this coveted sauce will be slathered on and served up to us next.

These prawns are truly local-style indulgent. I will make a gentle note here that it can do more with the sauce; although, the fragrance will still satisfy your salted egg yolk impulses on a normal day.
 photo 600 2.06_zpsep5ryqo6.jpg

Save the best for last, they say. Wave your pincers hello to the Black Pepper Slipper Lobster. This has definitely got to be my utmost personal favourite for obvious reasons, not to mention that the sauce is done to near perfection, and is predominantly spicy without being cloying. The slipper lobsters aren’t shabby either; its fresh, succulent meat perfectly complementing the impeccable spicy notes of the black pepper gravy. Yes. You read right. The lobster complements the sauce; not the other way round.

And you’ll do good to remember that. In Singapore, the sauce is always the star of the show wherever you go.


For a feel-good seafood craving cruncher, Sakura’s brand newSeafood Sensation menu certainly ticks all the right boxes. This belly is extremely happy and is, in fact, very amazed that all these tucks neatly into the normal buffet rates – meaning you get to eat from an even more extensive and premium variety than before, at the same price! Talk about value for money!

Don’t forget to tie up your meal with some made-to-serve Red Velvet Pancakes topped with decadent Haagen Daz Chocolate Ice Cream! The spread at Sakura is truly extraordinary but we must always keep in mind the cardinal rule of any buffet outing: Make room for dessert.

Always, make room for dessert.

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