A new French brand of granulated milk powder (yes, you read right - powder) for adults has hit our supermarket shelves!

I have always loved milk – powder formula dissolved in a milk bottle of warm water when I was a child and in the cool off-the-shelf carton form as an adult. It has been almost a decade since I drank milk in any powder form, as it was usually the less convenient option that required warm water for a simple cup of milk.

IMG_0947Regilait caught my attention when I learnt that their granulated milk powder could be easily dissolved in both cold and warm water, all thanks to the granulation process that does not introduce any additives to the mix too. I love how I have the liberty to choose whether I want to have a warm or cold cup of milk without refrigerating the drink beforehand or diluting it with ice. I tried the Calcium Plus Non Fat concoction, but you could also select between the Calorie Reduced Non Fat, Multi Vitamins Non Fat and Low Fat options available.

IMG_0949Good news for the master chefs among us who use milk for their recipes – Regilait’s granulated milk does not curdle when used for your cooking! If you’re feeling adventurous, be sure to try out these recipes for milkshakes, milk scones and even curry ayam indo!

I don’t know how your renditions of the dishes would turn out but the milkshakes and curry I tried during the launch of Regilait milk tasted lighter yet retained the smooth and thick texture that is expected from them. I can attest to the claim that the milk didn’t curdle during the cooking process too!

IMG_0948Don’t be taken aback by the yellow milk granules that looks like a full cream formula, as the milk is generally light across all 4 Regilait flavours. For Muslims and those who check the labels of food products they grab off the shelves, rest assured that Regilait went the extra mile to cater to the Singapore market by obtaining the Halal and Healthier Choice certification.

The 4 types of Regilait milk are retailing at $22 per tin (700g), at selected NTUC Finest and Cold Storage outlets.