Seventeen but more driven than many in their 20s, Erin Jung, an American based in Singapore, has created her very own makeup line, Candela Cosmetics, formulated with naturally-derived ingredients.

Seventeen year old Erin Jung has an empowering message to send with the launch of her labour of love, Candela Cosmetics: She wants women to pursue their dreams of starting their own business and never give up (no matter how hard things get).

The sassy and determined Erin’s passion for beauty is evident in her commitment to creating content on her YouTube channel, Beauty with Erin (which has 9,300+ subscribers) since 2012. Now, she has taken it even further by pushing hard for the creation and recent launch of her cosmetic line.


Beauty and lifestyle influencers Maybeline and Cyndi test out the Invigorating Coconut Water Foundation

While Erin managed to pitch for and receive funding through her school’s SAS Catalyst Project, it was not quite enough. (Erin is a student at the Singapore American School.)

Undeterred, she worked at W Hotel as the Front Desk, saving what she could to bring her makeup line to life. That’s rather impressive for the self-confessed newbie to business who initially had no clue what a business plan even was and how to go about it!


Jerlene from Musical Houses snaps a shot of the three different shades of Candela Cosmetics’ Luxe Moisture Lipsticks 

Candela Cosmetics offers a collection of makeup brushes and customisable eyeshadow palettes. The brand has also launched the vegan Luxe Moisture Lipsticks ($28) formulated with moisturising mango and shea butter, Perfecting Creme Blush ($38), made of the lightest non-comodogenic oils and non-micronised pigments which prevent clogged pores, and Invigorating Coconut Water Foundation ($60) which is a super lightweight foundation that is formulated with hydrating coconut water and soy-rice peptides. The lipsticks, blushes and coconut water foundation all come in three shade.

The product we were most impressed with from Candela Cosmetics was the Perfecting Creme Blush. The texture and colour pay-off is amazing and at $38 isn’t too pricey for a blusher that is made of naturally-derived ingredients.

The Invigorating Coconut Water Foundation was an extremely promising product. Firstly, because of how it felt on skin even when layered and secondly, because of the potential benefits coconut water can bring when applied to skin. Excited to try it on, we applied to our hands, but felt it more like a skincare product than a foundation. Coverage was limited and at best, it would be considered a very comfortable and almost-sheer tinted moisturiser.


Beauty influencers, Cindy (@LecinLurve), Aggy Low and Faith.

With all that being said, Erin started on her journey looking for a “holy grail” product that would not break her out and ended up deciding on creating her own. She truly has a commendable entrepreneurial spirit for taking on such a big challenge to create what she was unable to find in the market.

Candela Cosmetics’ products fit right in with a younger female target market. These makeup items are perfect for girls who just need light coverage when it comes to foundations, neutral colours on lips for everyday wear and a pop of colour on the cheeks. It may, however, be priced a little out of range for most school-going girls. Perhaps, the next step for this driven young lady, is for her to refine and improve on her products based on what her target audience of independent, confident women are looking for. We wish Erin all the best!