Our beauty maven, Nat K, tests out Biconi, a vegan hair care brand for hair loss and damaged hair. Did it work? Read on to find out.

Recently, I damaged my hair, horrifically, through perming and bleaching. I cannot describe the awful texture and look of my damaged hair. I tried popular expensive shampoos, conditioners and masks but nothing worked to my mounting distress.


And then I was introduced to Biconi. Biconi is a family-owned brand in Singapore that prides itself on using quality natural ingredients such as noni enzyme and virgin coconut oil. Noni enzyme is a key ingredient which is rich in antioxidants that is derived from Noni fruit. Biconi products are handmade and free from chemical nasties. There are multiple products available to suit the different needs of women, men and babies.


I’ve been using the Biconi‘s Hair Revitalising Shampoo Bar and Hair Repair Conditioner for the past six weeks and despite my scepticism, I have literally seen results. I actually didn’t read what the products were said to do before using them. Because, you know, it’s just shampoo. But my hair has been noticeably shinier after using Biconi haircare which is a huge feat considering how damaged my hair is.

The Hair Revitalising Shampoo Bar is formulated to help with hair loss due to hormones (eg. post-natal and menopause) and has ingredients such as virgin coconut oil, glycerin and noni enzyme which helps to nourish and invigorate the scalp. The shampoo bar lathers up very easily and leaves the hair feeling clean but not stripped of it’s natural oils. It comes with a handy mesh bag that I can stick to my bathroom wall which is AWESOME (I tried this other vegan brand’s hair conditioner bar and I had no way to store the annoying thing). The fact that it’s a bar also means it’s great for travelling! No more messy explosions in your luggage.
CollageI always use the shampoo together with the Hair Repair Conditioner which is pretty different from all the other conditioners that I’ve tried. Most interestingly, it doesn’t have the typical silicone-y slimy texture that most hair conditioners and masks have. It’s a refreshing change as I find it easy to rinse the conditioner from my hair which saves me time and, more importantly, water. It also leaves my hair feeling light and manageable. I have fine hair so heavy conditioners can make my hair look limp. It also has noni enzyme, glycerin, virgin coconut oil and cocoa butter to help with hair loss, breakage, split-ends and hydration.

While I don’t suffer hormonal hair loss, Biconi hair care products have helped with my chemically damaged hair. Honestly, nothing was going to save the ends of my hair that were chemically fried by perming. But Biconi hair care did manage to make my hair look shinier even if it couldn’t help with the texture (which is why I cut it off, as you can see in the photos). However, it did help with the rest of my hair which has been bleached and coloured so many times that I’ve lost count. Despite the bleaching, my hair still looks healthy and shiny thanks to Biconi.

P1010517I’ve also been trying the Biconi Radiant Skin Cleanser which is also in a “soap bar” form and is formulated to help with pigmentation, redness and sensitive skin. I was apprehensive about using this as bar soaps tend to be very drying but I found this left my skin feeling cleansed but not stripped of all it’s moisture. I haven’t been using it long enough to see results but it hasn’t aggravated my sensitive skin or caused any breakouts. I’ll have to bring it on my upcoming overseas holiday to test it out more and to take advantage of it’s “travel-friendliness”.

All in all, Biconi is a great brand to look to if you want vegan friendly products that doesn’t have parabens, phthalates, sulphates, mineral oil, alcohol and are cruelty free. Additionally, the “soap bar” products come packed in wax paper which is so hard to find these days. I have a cousin who is allergic to plastic so she struggles to find products that are not bottled or wrapped in plastic. This would be amazing for her and others with similar problems.

Additionally, Biconi has offered you, our beautiful readers, a promotional code on their website. For 10% off your cart, just use “TheCambelles10” from now until 31 May 2016.

Happy shopping and thanks for reading!

*Disclaimer: The products were sent for reviewing purposes only but all thoughts and opinions are my own.