Girlfriends – loved and cherished but often neglected for work, boyfriends and babies. But it’s amazing how formidable the power of girlfriends are – whether you have 1 girlfriend or 10 different groups of them. And you won’t be able to experience its full potential until – as cliche as this sounds – they rally around you, and drag the version of you who has been working overtime way too often after stress has taken over you at the workplace. The version of you who can’t seem to let go of memories and walk away from a relationship that was going nowhere. And especially the version of you who cries to sleep at night after a loved one’s funeral. They are the ones who check on you, bring you for a spin, scold you for all your unfounded insecurities and dry your tear stained face while telling you you’re still beautiful despite everything. To them, you’re truly beautiful on the inside more than what others can see. But at the same time, they’ll still remind you, “Please take a shower and put on something clean!”

This post is not about feminism and empowerment for women, though they are important terms for the debate battlefield in an us-against-the-world style. Let’s just remember and celebrate for a moment how strong the bond between females can be – over travels and in karaoke rooms; at gym sessions and yoga practice; during cafe hopping adventures and insane shopping sprees; as well as while discussing about a fantasy love story surrounding the gorgeous Captain Yoo Si Jin and Dr Kang Mo Yeon in DOTS (Google it if you were under a Hallyu rock for the last few months).

For my birthday this year, like many in the past, I’ve already celebrated and would be celebrating with the many girlfriends in my life. And I’m thankful for all the unsung heroines I’ve had the honor to encounter and priceless friendships I’m blessed with, let’s continue to run this world!