1. First and last time I visited Bangkok, I was 10 years old, and VERY ill. As in, “puking my guts out on the plane and through the whole trip can’t stomach anything” ill.
  2. Wasn’t looking forward to going to Bangkok this time, but it was organised by my office. Since I love travelling with my troop, I thought heck it, l’LL GO!
  3. So glad I did. Because Bangkok, I LOVE YOU. Never thought I’d say this, but I MISS YOU. SO MUCH.
  4. Our hotel is located conveniently across the street from Platinum Fashion Mall a.k.a. CLOTHES AND FOOD HAVEN, I TELL YOU.
  5. Our local guide strongly advised us to “take the overhead bridge” whenever possible, cos the traffic? It’s absolute CRAY.
  6. OK, soooo…. overhead bridge, right? Crossed it we did. Crossed it MANY TIMES. NEVER crossed so. Many. Freakin’. Overhead. Bridges. Inaday.
  7. GAME CHANGER: Colleague taught me to cross the street like a REAL BADASS!
  8. First, you find a zebra crossing. BUT DON’T CROSS YET.
  9. You wait. You wait for the cars to notice you waiting.
  10. If there are other pedestrians wanting to cross too, better! Move closer to them. BECAUSE STRENGTH IN NUMBERS.
  11. When the vehicles appear to be slowing down slightly, you make a mad dash across the street, like mice.
  12. Crossing the road like a local on our second day already! #smug
  13. Oh I love McThai! I miss Uncle Ronald McDonald standing by the door with that signature pose. You know, the one he only does in Thailand.
  14. Pinky Choc Pie. Only in Thailand too. Sigh. 🙁
  15. Let me offer you some tips for shopping at Platinum Fashion Mall, cos after being in Bangkok for a grand total of 3 days, I have apparently become an expert. Hah!
  16. The floors are NEVERENDING, the shops sell almost identical stuff at varying prices, there’s ALWAYS room for BARGAINING.
  17. You’ll NEVER look at our blogshops the same way. EVER. AGAIN.
  18. That mall’s a sorta wholesale place. MORE you buy, LOWER the price.
  19. Typically, they go for something already pretty low – like 150 baht for a tee, but if you buy 3? A ridiculous 100 baht per piece! Sometimes cheaper!
  20. I guess I was really lucky cos all the shops I went offered me discounts even though I was only buying one item.
  21. The vendors are all SUPER FRIENDLY and kind! 🙂
  22. Don’t expect to try on clothes at most shops, though. This is not H&M or Forever 21, hah.
  23. Besides, you’ll want to cover as many shops as you can (there are what, 6 FREAKIN’ LEVELS?!).
  24. Speed shopping mode ON!
  25. The stuff’s so cheap, just buy lah!
  26. When you see something you fancy, BUY IT PRONTO.
  27. Cos I assure you, you’ll have trouble locating that shop later. Happened to me. 🙁
  28. Don’t be surprised if you see lots of knockoffs and “inspired” pieces – brands like Nike, Adidas, even Chanel, LV, all that? Yep. Very common there.
  29. Part of the beauty of shopping in Bangkok? The pirated stuff.
  30. Some of them look so fake, they’re actually kinda cute.
  31. I’d suggest you carry a backpack to stash away your loot cos the shops tend to give you plastic bags – not so environmentally-friendly ya know?
  32. Dang, Mister Donut! Last I had one, I was in Tokyo. I wonder why they haven’t established a presence in Singas?
  33. Speaking of food, I INSIST you check out the food court at level 6 of Platinum Mall – they’ve got AMAZING stuff! You need to fuel up for more shopping anyways.
  34. I fell in love with their vegetarian tanghoon. And kangkong. And durian sticky rice. Oh man.
  35. Durian. Sticky. Rice.
  36. Durian. Sticky. Rice.
  37. Did I just say that again?
  38. There’s also this shop called Taokaenoi Land. You MUST GO!!!!
  39. They sell ALL the Taokaenoi seaweed snacks you can ever want. Also, Siam Banana (it’s Bangkok’s version of Tokyo Banana), and other Thai signature snacks made of floss, durian, banana, mango…
  40. For MOARRRR EATS, pop over to Big C Supercenter! It’s just further down the road towards CentralWorld. It’s the equivalent of our Giant, Big Box, Carrefour-style mega supermarket.
  41. People buy Pretz, Pocky, Lays and other munchies BY THE CARTLOAD. I kid you not.
  42. It’s all FREAKIN’ CHEAP!
  43. But you know what I miss most? The gum. The gum!
  44. Wasn’t adventurous enough to take the Tuk Tuk.
  45. Next best alternative is…. the BTS! That’s like our MRT.
  46. We got single-trip tickets to Chatuchak Weekend Market.
  47. In the blistering heat! It was about 40 degrees??!? Barely lasted an hour there.
  48. Went to Siam Square, too. Where I found an A&W restaurant and hugged bear at the entrance! Used to go to them for root beer floats when I was a child! Why did they pull out of Singas? 🙁
  49. Well, not a single day has gone by since my return that I don’t think about Bangkok.
  50. Oh Bangkok. There’s so much more I miss about you. If only you knew…

xx J