Mellissa reveals how you can play a part in an actual space mission without even leaving Planet Earth!

If you think the 5th edition of Pocari Sweat Run (PSR) would just be another themed run, read on. Otsuka Pharmaceutical, which birthed the drinkable IV solution sold in stores today, would be launching a Pocari Sweat capsule to the Moon as part of the Lunar Dream Capsule Project in 2016. Here’s where we come in! Since race participants have already covered 300,000km, Pocari Sweat now needs us to clock either 5km or 10km to make up the remaining 80,000km for the journey to the Moon. Early bird registration would end this Saturday (30 April) so make sure you sign up fast!

Space themed activities

There are hydration examinations and space run simulations at selected NTUC FairPrice hypermarts to heighten the anticipation for the Run. Remember to tag Pocari Sweat Run on Instagram (@pocarisweatsingapore) and Facebook (POCARI SWEAT Singapore) if you see these pop up “astronaut recruitment centers” around.

Apart from contributing to the number of kilometres needed for the drink capsule to ascend the Moon, runners would be thrilled to hear that there would be special “space training programmes” for participations to prepare for the race, unlike the standard running clinics. We’re thinking lunar expedition training programmes with enhanced breathing techniques and maybe low levels of oxygen in simulation machines or underwater, so stay tuned!

Throughout the actual race day on 23 July, thematic elements from the appearance of a space expert to space-themed hydration points would be included for participants as well.


Image credit: Pocari Sweat

Image credit: Pocari Sweat

Date: Saturday, 23 July 2016​
Time: 5 to 9 pm
Venue: The Float @ Marina Bay
Registration fees:

  • 10KM Run – $52 (early bird); $60 (standard)
  • 5KM Run – $42 (early bird); $50 (standard)

Race pack items:

  • Pocari Sweat Jacket (only for loyalty runners)
  • Pocari Sweat Running Singlet by ASICS
  • Drinking bottle by ASICS
  • ELM Finisher Medal
  • 2 x SOYJOY Pre-Workout Snack
  • 5 x POCARI SWEAT 15g powder
  • Other sponsors gifts

For more information about PSR 2016 and to register, please visit