What is physiological normalisation anyway? What can it do for our skin and how can you embark on it?

Our skin, as with any other organ in our body, has a natural restorative process that follows a physiological rhythm. If skin is in good condition and well cared for, it should be able to repair, defend itself and also retain the water and nutrients it needs. In this state, it will have a radiant appearance that is typical of healthy skin.

In line with this in mind, natural skincare brand, bSoul, has developed a line of eco-friendly, phytoceutical skincare that promises to restore the skin’s natural balance through “physiological normalisation” resulting in the improved condition of the users’ skin.

What’s the catch?

You’ll need to dedicate yourself to the process and commit to at least exclusive usage of the products in this range over six weeks. Chemicals from other skincare may affect the normalisation process.



A skincare regimen that works for any skin type

While the bSoul products are suitable for most skin types, physiological normalisation may reap the biggest benefits for those with acne-prone skin, frequent or worsening breakouts, oily, dry or sensitive skin. In other words, skin that needs a “reboot” of sorts.

We tested this range on both dry and sensitive skin types and found that the results were similar.



Hydra-milk cleanser

Step 1: Cleansing

Start with cleansing with the comforting hydra-milk cleanser, which washes off without a creamy “film” on skin. Skin feels hydrated and supple after cleansing and the product doesn’t leave skin tight or tingly.

This cleansing emulsion is made of a combination of natural surfactants and herbs like argan oil, rosa mosqueta (extract of rosemary), sage and thyme. The gentle cleanser protects the lipids of the skin.

The hydra-milk cleanser retails at $48 for a 100ml bottle.


Hydra-lift, hydra-lip and redness-sinergy serum

Step 2: Moisturise Face, Lips and Eyes

The hydra-comfort face cream is an amazing moisturiser which can be applied day and night. The texture is pleasant on skin and provides it with instant hydration while defending it from external aggressions (cold, wind and sun damage). It has an anti-ageing effect on skin and helps keep it smooth and bright.

Don’t forget to moisturise your lips as well with the hydra-lip which not just keeps lips hydrated (goodbye cracked lips!) but also enhances the volume and definition of it!

Finally, care for your peepers by applying the hydra-lift, which is dispensed in a nifty roller ball applicator. The gel is rich in natural functional ingredients and reduces the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines at the delicate eye contour area.

The hydra-comfort face cream retails at $110 for a 50ml tub, hydra-lip retails at $52 for a 15ml tube and hydra-lift retails at $52 for a 15ml tube.


Redness-sinergy serum

Step 3: Soothe Skin Redness and Sensitivity

Starting from the third week, use the redness-sinergy serum during the day. This is extremely helpful for when the skin starts normalising and purging as it is able to soothe redness and fragile skin. What it does is simulate the skin’s defense mechanism against anti-oxidative stress. This is actually perfect even for delicate, sensitive and reactive skin.

On and after the sixth week, apply this both during the day and before sleep at night.

We found the serum easily absorbed by skin. Once again, we noticed no tingling sensations from use. The special shape pump also made dispensing the right amount of serum with no wastage a real breeze.

The redness-sinergy serum retails at $138 for a 30ml bottle.

DSC05546Hydra-milk cleanser and hydra-face scrub 3Action

Step 4: Exfoliate

Upon reaching the fourth week, start exfoliating with the hydra-face scrub 3Action once every three days after cleansing with the hydra-milk cleanser. It is easy to tell why the hydra-face scrub 3Action is one of the winning best beauty buys by Singapore Women’s Weekly.

The scrub is so good for delicate skin and uses Jojoba microbeads that can be broken down with a gentle massage while washing which then releases Jojoba Oil to nourish skin during the exfoliation process. This leaves skin super soft, supple and most impressively, visibly brighter and refreshed skin.

The hydra-face scrub 3Action retails at $138 for a 100ml bottle.

If you’re ready for a change in the way your skin looks and feels and achieve ideal skin, it’s time to give physiological normalisation a try. Find out more on skin normalization at Meditrina’s website.