2. NOW.
  3. Especially if you’ve got NO TIME. Sound familiar?
  4. STOP!
  5. Breathe.
  6. Tell me, what are you grateful for?
  7. When was the last time you gave thanks?
  8. I know, I know…. there are plenty of things that have gone very¬†wrong.
  9. But you SURVIVED all of your bad days!
  10. Which makes you a BADASS, basically. ūüėČ
  11. Instead of lamenting over what could have, should have, would have been….
  12. Why don’t you focus on one thing that’s GOING¬†RIGHT?
  13. How about let’s count your blessings, c’mon!
  14. Got a job? A roof over your head? Lunch money? A loaded EZ-Link card? A friend to talk to? Can walk, jump, run?
  15. See? You’re quite rich.
  16. How about, set any goals lately?
  17. Got what you wanted?
  18. No?
  19. WHY? Gave up halfway?
  20. Wanna get in shape? Lose weight? Eat better?
  21. Felt it took too much effort? No time to hit the gym?
  22. Gotta stop making excuses, yo.
  23. If you REALLY WANT¬†something, you’ll find ways to do it no matter what.
  24. If you DON’T WANT to do something, NOTHING will make you do it.
  25. It all depends on HOW BAD you want it.
  26. Like last week? Mad rush. Had to work late. Ate very late. Slept super late.
  27. But woke up before dawn the next day and showed up for training any way!
  28. Cos why should I skip training? It’s important to me therefore I make time for it.
  29. You don’t need an expensive gym membership. Or any membership. Get out and run along into Mother Nature’s arms!
  30. By now you oughta know that if you aren’t already out there fighting for what you want, someone else is.
  31. If you aren’t up before sunrise pounding the pavement, someone else is.
  32. If you don’t push yourself, no one will do it for you.
  33. What’s it gonna be?
  34. Sittin’ on the couch next year this time, same as you are now?
  35. Watchin’ whilst others get their paws on your¬†prize?
  36. OR be KICKIN’ ASS, 3 months from now?
  37. Up to you.
  38. Fact? You get to pick your goals = you powerful.
  39. Many things are WITHIN your control.
  40. And when something is within mine? I NEVER let it slip through my fingers.
  41. I admit some situations are beyond that. But you still get to control your reaction.
  42. For e.g. bad colleague? Murdered her in your head about, mmmm…. 39 times this morning.
  43. But how she treats you is her choice. Poor upbringing. Personal issues. PMS. Whatever.
  44. You? Don’t have to react negatively. Nobody can drive you crazy unless you hand them the keys.
  45. Only YOU can drive yourself anywhere. Learnt it the hard way.
  46. Oh and congrats on having colleagues. Means you’re at the very least earning your own keep. Worth celebrating, no?
  47. We’ve all been given a brand new chance today. Tomorrow? Nobody knows.
  48. Many others went to bed last night and never woke up today. ūüôĀ
  49. To sum up this little convo, I’m reaching out and reminding you of how fortunate you are. Also, you get to decide what you become.
  50. Go to bed tonight. Go. If you’re lucky enough to wake up tomorrow?¬†KICK ASS.¬†Aaaaand…. need I tell you about the day after? REPEAT!!!!

xx J

P.S. You’re welcome.