Thinking of cleaning up your Instagram feed and expressing yourself creatively with it? Check out these 6 women who have Instagram feeds that we completely love and maybe get inspired for 2016!

As children, we learn by imitating what our parents and people around us are doing and even in adulthood, we continue learning by doing and mimicking. While much is being said about originality on the social media space, we need to understand one important thing: Nothing is truly original.

We all build on the works of others and we are also influenced by others, eventually creating great work that we call our own, that is distinctive of a style – an amalgamation of all the things we love. We would be most prideful to say that all the work we are doing, every article we have written on The Cambelles, every photograph we have taken and posted onto Instagram, is all inspired only by our own greatness. It is in fact from being inspired by what others have done before. But even as we emulate we can also create a fresh spin on it and in that sense the content becomes “new” even while it is not “original”.

Start 2016 committing to creating something fresh and representative of your own personal aesthetic and style on Instagram. But first, you’ll need to know through keen observation, taking note of what appeals to you and what doesn’t before then embarking on creating your own good work. Here are 8 women with Instagram feeds we think you’ll be inspired by!




Personable and witty, Jemimah Wei, better known by her moniker, jemmawei, is fiercely unapologetic about her huge personality. Her feed feels almost authentic with smatterings of posts that show her just having a fun time being silly with her friends. In this day and age of intense curation, even a glimpse of “real life” is refreshing and Jemma expertly balances that between her beautiful food and travel photos, and posed photo opportunities.





Anyone who owns an Instagram account may probably realise that keeping a feed clean is possibly one of the hardest things ever. Be inspired by Valerie who manages to keep the colours on her feed muted. This aesthetic clearly works and complements her broody poses. Did we mention, she seems to have an unending arsenal of poses that keep the visuals fresh and interesting?





While Andrea’s legion of followers are nothing compared to bigger names in social media, her keen sense of fashion and style are complemented by her astute selection of photographers she works with. Here’s a woman who knows what she wants and goes out and gets it. If you’re still seeking out more reason why you should take life by the balls especially on social media, Andrea shows you that you just got to go for it.





So photographers, it’s time to work it like Hanya does. Her feed is a winning combination of breathtaking landscapes, creative close-ups of patterns, stunning architectural photography but complemented perfectly with the occasional tastefully posed shot of her against beautiful backdrops shot on her travels. If you’re afraid of being in front of the camera, perhaps its time to step out and get some inspiration.





Yukie is half Singaporean and Japanese and her Instagram feed is an almost cinematic collection of her life in both countries shot in landscape mode. Her outfits are planned to perfection to complement the places she shoots in. She also takes great pride in her collaborations with brands like Uniqlo. The results are so professional. Count us impressed!





Take a peek into the life of Flora Isabelle, who just so happens to be a self-taught Instagram maven. Her hilarious behind-the-scenes tell-all of the reality of the beautiful photos on her carefully curated Instagram account is self-deprecating and lovable. Pick up a thing of two from this military wife, career woman and avid traveller.


Featured Photo Credit: Leeroy from Life of Pix