It's a Chinese tradition to celebrate the first month (or full month) of a newborn baby with a party. Rachie takes on a new milestone as a mommy as a slightly different kind of "party animal".

I have always been great with parties. I was a party queen the minute I turned 18 and was the life of every party, getting my girlfriends onto the guest list and into exclusive clubs. Planning a children’s party, however? That’s a first! Especially my own loved one’s first month party.

Let me give you a heads up: A baby’s full month party is akin to a wedding dinner and a party in the nightclub combined. I was so tired out by the party that was only for 2 to 3 hours, I actually took 3 days to recover! I did not even have a sip of alcohol or wear my 6 inch heels, but I was running around with my baby, exchanging a few words to every guest and only managing to eat at night when I got home. Doesn’t it sounds like a wedding dinner where the bride and groom only eats after the dinner is over? Maybe it was just me getting older, but I guess the only parties I’ll be attending is children’s birthday parties from now on.

Anyway, back to the topic at hand. There are just a few crucial steps to planning a children’s party. You need to ascertain a few crucial items, the guest list (where the party people at?), the location and the food!

My guest list grew from 40 to over 70 people, so I knew I had to get a place that was big enough to accommodate them. I realised that I do have a lot of relatives and friends with children so it had to be kids friendly as well. I was searching around over the internet and discovered this video of Xiaxue hosting Dash’s 1st Birthday Party at Hokey Pokey. I turned to my mom in the middle of the night and said “I think I found the perfect location for Little Pad Thai’s Full Month Party!”


Hokey Pokey is an indoor playground located at Seletar Mall. This was great as I had a lot of guests attending with their kids. Hokey Pokey has such an assortment of toys to entertain the kids while the adults take a breather and enjoy the food while catching up with friends and family.

It was the perfect place as I got the entire place to myself and the birthday party package is very extensive. It pretty much saves so much of my time planning. The package came with:

  • A party invitation card for each guest
  • Exclusive use of the whole playground for 2 hours
  • Latex balloons for each child
  • Goody bags for each child
  • Party food and juice for each child
  • Decorations, set up, cutlery for each child
  • Family polaroid photo for the family of birthday child
  • 1 month unlimited play pass for the birthday child
  • A dedicated party facilitator to ensure the party runs smoothly

All I had to do is select a theme and pass them the guest list of the children that are attending.

My theme was Hello Kitty and everything was Hello Kitty themed even the place mats for the party food.

My nieces and nephews refueling with the party food before heading back to the indoor playground.

I have to thank Irene from Hokey Pokey and her excellent team of staff who were so helpful with the planning of the party and the procession of the party. Being a first time mother, I was clueless. Irene replied to my emails very promptly. I would reply quite late into the night when I had some time to myself or very intermittently and I’d always receive a reply within a few hours.

I was actually almost late for my own party due to an allergic reaction that happened in the morning. They helped me set up my cupcake stand and guided the camera crew where to set up the photo booth. They kept tabs on the time for me and when it was time for the cake cutting session, they gathered the kids to the private room. Everything was so organised right down to the T. If not for them, I would be so flustered and disorganized.

Aria was too tired out after meeting so many guests, she fell asleep during her cake cutting. I ordered my Hello Kitty Cake and cupcakes from @missgoob.

To find out more about their birthday parties package, you can head to this link. They also provide dessert tables and full month sweet treat boxes so your party is pretty much set from there.

33 Sengkang West Avenue,
#B1-28/29, The Seletar Mall,
Singapore 797653
+65 6702 2981

Food is a key essential of the party. We love our food and I would go for seconds or third helping at a buffet. I just can’t stop at one. Thanks to Google again, I came across Yuxuan’s Full Month Party on Bong Qiu Qiu’s blog and I knew that Neo Garden Catering was going to be the one.


Unfortunately, I did not have photos of the food because they were all gone! This is actually the first buffet where all the food was gone and I did not have to eat the leftovers for days after the party.

You also get to enjoy up to 50% off your Baby Full Month Order under their Neo 宝宝 Package. The set up was really seamless.The crew came earlier to set up the buffet and the baby full month thematic display. I was still in bed trying to recover to an allergic reaction and told him to contact the event place and he was understanding. He waited for me patiently to do the handover to ensure that all of the food I ordered was in order and ensured that I was satisfied before leaving.

I’ve heard of so much horror stories for other mothers on Facebook Group from other caterers on their little one’s important party and I am glad my experience with Neo Garden Catering was nothing but praises.

Aria is deep in thought thinking when she can savour the Yang Chow Fried Rice from the buffet drenched in popular curry chicken. Maybe on your 2nd birthday?

You can also add in Red Eggs and Ang Ku Kueh (red glutinous peanut cakes) into your package.

Eggs symbolize birth or a new start. Red symbolises prosperity and good fortune to the Chinese. Therefore, it is a chinese tradition to eat red eggs at important birthdays.

Another tradition is Ang Ku Kuehs. If you have a son, pointed ang ku kuehs are given out, and if you have a girl, flat ang ku kuehs are given out.

1 Enterprise Road,
Singapore 629813
+65 6896 7757


Before I was pregnant, I would always go to Spicy Thai Thai for dinner after I ended work late every night. Even after I was pregnant, I would go there for the food and the staff would always remember us as I would order too much food for two people. The food was just so good and I loved their extensive menu.

Little Pad Thai’s father is Thai and he loves the food from Spicy Thai Thai, plus they would always play his favourite Thai songs. Both of us preferred this place to the restaurants at Golden Mile or Orchard Tower. We loved the Jim Jum which is Thai steamboat served in a claypot.

Hence for Aria’s party, I knew I had to include some kind of Thai element into the party. Loads of delicious Thai Food!

For some finger-food, I ordered the BBQ Chicken Wings and BBQ Pork Neck.

I also treated my party guests to the curry egg with crab meat. Smooth egg with generous portion of crab meat with a kick of curry spice. It’s my favourite type of protein. You can eat it on its own or you can eat it separately.

How can Little Pad Thai’s full month party not have Pad Thai? Oodles of noodles with crunchy prawns, peanuts and lime zest.

This was a hot favourite of all my guests. My university friends actually went back to Spicy Thai Thai to buy two huge boxes of this for our Christmas Potluck. Just look at the clams and noodles ratio!

Do note that you’ll have to arrange your own delivery if you would like to cater this for your parties.

Blk 115, Aljunied Avenue 2, #01-35,
Singapore 380115
+65 6747 8558
11:00am to 12:00am daily

I also hired a photographer who printed out the photos instantly so that the guests can have the photo printouts as souvenirs. He was very proactive and went around taking photos of the kids enjoying themselves and asking the guests for group photos.

A compilation of the photos was then sent to me. It was a great idea as I got to see what happened during the party as I was so busy during the party. At least I had memories of the party captured.

Nevertheless, a baby’s full month is still a joyous event. It’s like celebrating with your family and friends the life changing month after the arrival of your little bundle of joy.

For me, it is also a celebration of the end of my confinement! I can finally shower and wash my hair and meet anyone I want instead of being at home! Now I am well prepared for her next milestone, her 1st birthday party. But for now, I’ll just enjoy watching her grow and change everyday.