After two successful experiences with botox jaw, Carrie tries out Dysport at TCS Aesthetics with their Square Jaw Reduction treatment.

If there’s one fuss-free and non-surgical treatment I would never hesitate to get done, its a botox square jaw reduction.

I’ve previously had Jaw Botox done on two occasions and I’ve never had any qualms of doing it again because it is practically just a quick “pinch” at the injection spots and then I’m done. So I had no worries about my appointment at TCS Aesthetics at Central just a hop and skip away from Clarke Quay MRT.


Reception desk near entrance of TCS Aesthetics

TCS Aesthetics has many little enclaves as waiting areas and I was rather surprised by that. I spotted several small intimate waiting areas, on top of the main one thats in eyeshot of the reception desk.

Waiting area at TCS AestheticsDSC03162

Comfortable sofa seats at waiting areas

After filling up of several forms, I was ushered to the consultation and treatment room where I was given an assessment of my facial muscles, I clenched my teeth, and as expected, my masseters had once again strengthened and bulked up over the last nine months or so since my previous experience with botox jaw.

I am one of those ladies with “bruxism” or teeth grinding issues at night and it really doesn’t help that I cannot resist food like nuts and beef (yes, I am like the perfect patient for aesthetic doctors doing square jaw reductions).

My chin fillers from my previous at another aesthetic clinic were still not totally absorbed yet by my body, so it helped to lend my face some length, making it look slimmer and more ‘V-shaped’, but I definitely had added “weight” to my jaw area.


Front View (Before treatment)


Side View (Before Treatment)

I was treated by Dr Loo and instead of botox, he recommended Dysport, another type of Botulinum Toxin A. It’s the same product as botox, just a different brand with slight differences.

Visible difference following the treatment can be seen as early as two to three weeks later. Sometimes even faster. I like how that with non-surgical face slimming treatments like Dysport and Botox, the effect can be rather gradual and the end result is this noticeable slimness, but it is not a sudden, shocking change.


Front View (After Treatment)

DSC03333Side View (After Treatment)


It’s been more than a month since the treatment and now when I clench my teeth I cannot feel the lump of hard muscle at where my masseters used to sit strongly at. The size had reduced over time and now it is barely there at all. Of course, it is also pretty obvious in photos that my jawline, especially my side profile, is sharper and more “sculpted” while full frontal shots of me are less “chubby”.

If you’re looking to slim your jawline in time for the Lunar New Year, you may consider this square jaw reduction. I understand that the treatment starts from $499. Please contact TCS Aesthetics directly for more information and for any consultation.


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