Mellissa considers Lucozade Sport Orange, the number one sports drink in the UK, for her exercise sessions!

100plus, H20, Pocari Sweat and most recently, coconut water! Water is simply not enough for people who dabble in sports anymore. Athletes have been consuming sports drinks on top of plain water to replenish the nutrients lost during their activities and achieve higher performance levels with any extra boost these fluids provide.

The new kid on the block for sports drinks in Singapore, Lucozade Sport has a totally different reputation in the UK. Since Lucozade Sport’s inception in the 1920s by chemist William Owen who wanted to create a glucose recovery solution for common illnesses, the sports drink brand has been number one in the UK. On top of that, Lucozade Sport is also the official drink of choice for the English Football Association and London Marathon.

What’s more impressive than being the topmost sports drink in the UK is that Lucozade Sport has a Science Academy that actively advances research and seek to understand the role that nutrition plays in improving sporting performance.

The entrance of Lucozade Sport Orange in Singapore from November 2015 onwards provides another option for local sportspeople to choose from, so I’ve put it to the test during my netball trainings and gym classes.


The Ingredients

Luzocade Sport Orange was specially formulated to improve hydration with a combination of carbohydrates and electrolytes, which provide extra energy and replace sodium lost through our sweat respectively.

I can attest to the claim that Luzocade Sport Orange does help to provide extra energy as I didn’t feel dehydrated after my exercise sessions. However, there was no way I could confirm that the drink did replace sodium lost through our sweat.

The Taste 

Lucozade Sport Orange is currently only available in orange flavour in Singapore. The beverage turns out to be rather sweet, probably due to the flavoring. However, the sweetness did not sit well with my tastebuds that have grown accustomed to sports drinks that do not have a strong flavour tagged to it. However, Lucozade Sport Orange is definitely worth trying if you prefer a refreshing and stronger boost during your exercise as the zesty orange flavour jolt me up from my fatigue in no time.

There are other flavours for the Lucozade Sport series of drinks, such as Brazilian Guava, to choose from. Unfortunately, they’re not available locally at the moment. Although the other flavours seem like they would be sweeter than the orange flavour version that local shops currently carry, I’m still curious about how they’ll taste like!

The Size

Sports drinks typically come in various shapes and sizes to cater to different sportspeople’s needs and preferences.

Lucozade Sport drinks are sold in 500ml and 750ml in the UK and other countries around the world. However, we only have the 500ml version in stores now. If there are plans to bring more package sizes of Lucozade Sport drinks into Singapore, I think that 2.5 liter bottles and small 100ml watchers may be good for athletes doing intensive workout sessions as well as marathons respectively.

imageAs everyone in the sporting world seeks to consume the most nutritious food and drinks to improve our performance, be sure to try Lucozade Sport Orange for yourself. After all, the brand has been in the sport drinks industry for more than 90 years, which is longer than any existing sport drinks we have been consuming.

Lucozade Sport Orange retails at S$1.40 at all FairPrice and Cheers outlets.