Strength training, improving flexibility and core muscles. Eunice takes a step forward to reform her body and mind with something she's totally new at, Reformer Pilates.

Many have commented that I am active and look fit- well, talk about looks being deceiving. The brutal truth, if you’ve seen me at workouts like hot yoga, my flexibility is an #utterfail. I can barely reach my toes and I constantly attribute that to my disproportionate body, short torso and long legs – so don’t blame me.

As I embark on my quest to kind of prove myself wrong, that I can improve my flexibility, I thought maybe I’ll try to incorporate some stretching or less intensive exercises to my workouts. And so, I did – an absolute novice, I headed to Pilates Fitness to try out Reformer Pilates. Known to be the yoga’s powerhouse cousin, it’s supposed to help you improve your core without having to overexert yourself such as that of intensive cardio exercises. Of course, it’s supposed to help you improve flexibility, strength and endurance while getting the benefit of mental relaxation as well.
PIlates FitnessAt Pilates Fitness, if you’re a first timer like me, it is essential that you undergo an introductory class,. Your instructor will advice on the proper breathing techniques, use of the equipment and machines as well as positions and placements to stretch various muscle groups. As the class started proper, we went through each move with good momentum to keep it interesting yet enough to feel the burn and pain. The session literally works your arms, back, thighs, abs etc- it really is a full body workout! You’ll be surprised that the moves seem and look easy, but my muscles were obviously pleading for clemency after the hour.

PIlates Fitness
Think I’ll throw in the towel after the pain? Not quite yet. In contrary, I’ve persisted and gone for a few sessions now. And I must say I have experienced some difference in my body, my muscles aren’t as tight as before and my mental alertness in the day has improved. What I really like about Pilates Fitness is the size of the class kept to a maximum of 10 persons. This allows the instructor to ensure that you’re getting the right posture and stretching the right muscle groups well. The environment is also clean, unpretentious and friendly. Call it body and mind rejuvenation or a transformation, I think I’m on the right track! And if you’re thinking whether you can do this too.. hear it from me! For one that’s so un-coordinated and inflexible can, I’m sure you should give yourself a try too, you won’t even consider it a challenge to do so!

And specially for our readers, enjoy a free trial worth $30*.

*Terms & Conditions apply:

  • For first timers at Pilates Fitness only
  • Booking required. Call 9184 7622 or email to book your class.
  • Quote “THECAMBELLES” to redeem your free class
  • Valid 2 Jan 2016 to 2 Mar 2016.

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