1. Waved at strangers and said “Hello” to them…. they waved back and said hi.
  2. Saw a girl staring at me on the train, so I smiled and she smiled back.
  3. Greeted the cashier at the checkout and we had a little chat (nope, nobody else was waiting to pay).
  4. Befriended a few old folks I’ve always seen around the neighbourhood.
  5. Wondered why I always chose to ignore them?
  6. Decided I need to smile more…. and I did. 🙂 🙂
  7. Surprised a few neighbours with fruit loaves and flowers over Christmas.
  8. Realised that after all these years, I didn’t even know what the insides of their homes looked like!
  9. Gave money to a little old lady sitting by the road on my way to work…. She was selling tissue paper; her purse was empty.
  10. Hugged my parents. Many times.
  11. Told them I love them.
  12. Bought my parents a wedding anniversary cake, for the first time.
  13. And for the first time, we celebrated their wedding anniversary together. :’)
  14. Mommy carried me and literally lifted me off the ground on Christmas day. She’s strong! When was the last time your mother carried you?
  15. Hugged my siblings.
  16. Told them I love them.
  17. Went on a Star Wars movie date night with my family.
  18. Drew my brother a birthday card. For the first time.
  19. Bought my brother a chocolate ice-cream log cake for his birthday. For the first time. Do I sound like a bad sibling already? We picked it out together by the way. It was delicious! 🙂
  20. Drew my sister a Christmas card.
  21. Picked up a bag of my sister’s favourite Famous Amos chocolate chip (no nut!) cookies….
  22. ….to go along with an Elsa doll. When I saw it, I thought of her immediately.
  23. Went on a siblings’ date night at McDonald’s (yep!). I had a hot fudge sundae (YEP!) for the first time in ages; it was awesome! YAAAASSSS.
  24. Got toys for my nieces and nephews. All 5 of them.
  25. Been a while since I paid attention to any of them.
  26. They sure grow up fast!
  27. Hugged each and every one of them and told them how much I loved them.
  28. I even demanded kisses!
  29. Children…. I hated them. Now I can’t wait to see these little rascals. Guess I’ve changed.
  30. Secretly decorated a picture of my parents, had it printed out and laminated in wallet-size so they could each keep one in their wallets.
  31. Honestly, sincerely told my family how much I cared.
  32. I don’t say it all the time, and it’s about time I said it.
  33. Was present at the parties and gatherings, truly enjoying the company of everybody.
  34. Refrained from checking my phone, Facebook, Instagram.
  35. Did not even bring my book.
  36. This month, we probably broke the record for most number of wefies taken at our parties!
  37. Made Olaf cards for my colleagues and distributed tons of candy.
  38. Hugged my bosses and told them I love them…. for the first time in 5 years.
  39. Smiled and genuinely felt happy.
  40. It’s been a while.
  41. Promised to put my phone away at dinner.
  42. Really did put away my phone at dinner.
  43. Almost slipped and fell by the road on a rainy Christmas Eve; regained my balance in time and avoided what would have been a REALLY BAD injury.
  44. Was well and able to celebrate the festive season with my loved ones.
  45. That was the best Christmas present EVER.
  46. Did not mind one bit when I didn’t have any presents to open up on Boxing Day; me being well is the best gift I could ever ask for.
  47. Noticed, for the first time, how happy my family looks (especially my parents) when we are all together.
  48. Their laughter, the jokes, simply hanging out on the couch.
  49. These are the small things that are truly the luxuries of life.
  50. I’ve been so, so blessed.

xx J