Laser treatments aplenty to help you rid those acne scars and be beautiful. Eunice's Q-Switched laser experience at TCS Aesthetics proved to show results.

Beauty lies in the hands of the beholder- you probably heard this a million times if not more, and so yes, I’m going to take charge and have beauty restored. And best of all, it’s not that tough to do so.
TCSAestheticsFollowing my previous treatment of chemical peel at TCS Aesthetics, I went back for a follow-up session with Dr. Louis Loo once again. With progress seen on my face, he recommended that I embarked on Q-Switched. Q-Switched is a toning laser treatment which helps to lighten and eliminate acne scars. The goodness of this laser treatment also shrinks pores and oil glands, at the same time stimulate the growth of collagen. It is very much like a three prong strategy to fix the problem. If you’re like me, a working adult juggling between work and play and all the other extra curricular activities, this is one treatment which literally takes so little time but reap the great benefits. I had my treatment done within a span of 15 minutes.


The acne scars which I’ll want to rid off. Taken just before the treatment.

Following the cleansing of my face, Dr. Loo used the quasi long pulse laser beams on skin. It was totally painless, all you feel is slightly warm beats of the laser beams on your face, but they do not hurt. That’s it.


Immediately after the treatment, scars are slightly lighter.

The first thing I did when I was told that the procedure was completed, was to feel my face. It did have a smoother texture, and my pores felt tightened. One week on, my scars are also visibly lighter with some acne scars gone. Definitely showing results of improvement.


A week later, though I do have my makeup on, but my skin is visibly clearer and makeup stays on well.

And there’s absolutely no down-time to this treatment. I could walk out of the clinic and head on for my next appointment without having to worry about a thing.

Of course, when it comes to aesthetic treatments, my best advice would be for any individual to go to a reputable medical practitioner. The treatments administered differ between individuals, likewise for Q-Switched, the intensity of the laser beams administered would differ between individuals.

Looking youthful and beautiful doesn’t necessarily mean it will cost you a fortune. Check what TCS Aesthetic has at the moment, a really affordable package that I’m sure you can take advantage of too. Goodbye scars and hello rejuvenated skin.


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