Check out Suki Group's new retail and online store that will supply you with premium grade ingredients to whip up your Christmas feasts next week!

This article is sadly not about the launch of a new iPhone, iPad or iWatch. But iChef could in fact help you unleash your inner Masterchef this Christmas, as it is one of Singapore’s pioneer retail concepts that purveys restaurant-grade ingredients for home cooking.

iChef offers three hampers for you to prepare an epic feast during Christmas, namely the Christmas Carol, Winter Warmer and Christmas Festive Indulgence Hampers.

Christmas Carol Hamper
Christmas Carol Hamper for $108 (RP: $135)

Choice of 2 chicken dishes:
1) Shrimp Paste Chicken with a special marinade (1kg)
2) Cajun Chicken Chop (900g)
3) Lemongrass Chicken (900g)
4) Panko Chicken (900g)
5) Chicken Karaage (900g)

Potato Croquette (10 pieces)
Wagyu Beef (1kg)
Durian Puffs/Eclairs (24 pieces)

Winter Warmer Hamper
Winter Warmer Hamper for $275 (RP: $350)

Snow crab (1kg)
Argentina Deep Prawns (2kg)
Salmon Belly (300g)
Salmon Sashimi (500g)
Sashimi Oyster (1kg)
Premium Ikura (500g)
Durian Puff/Eclairs (24 pieces)
Complimentary Max beer and cooler bag (while stocks last)

Festive Indulgence Hamper
Christmas Festive Indulgence Hamper for $245 (RP: $280)

Premium Ikura (500g)
Wagyu Beef (1kg)
Raw Scallop (1kg)
Snow Crab Leg Meat (300g)
Raw White Prawn (900g)
Panko Chicken (1kg)
Takoyaki (50pcs)

If you’re purchasing the Christmas hampers or other goodies from iChef’s physical stores, you could do so at their Tai Seng or The Cathay outlets. (Psst, we hear the hampers are cheaper when bought at their outlets.) If you would like to have the hampers delivered right to your doorstep, online orders are also possible at If you wish to browse through iChef’s online catalog and collect it personally, you can do so at the Tai Seng or The Cathay outlets, and all Nihon Mura restaurants.

For more information, please check out iChef’s Facebook page or email them at

26 Tai Seng Street, #01-03P, S(534057)
2 Handy Road, #B1-K2, The Cathay, S(229233)