The focus is on the Emperor Penguins this Christmas with the Biotherm Water Lovers initiative raising funds for their protection.

The Festive Gift Sets have hit the market and there is definitely no shortage of skincare and beauty products in special limited edition packaging to celebrate the season of bells, snowflakes, mistletoe and the like.

French luxury skincare brand, Biotherm, is no exception. Since 2012, Biotherm Water Lovers has raised more than 350,000 euros to help preserve the world’s oceans, tapping the brightest creative talent. Annually, a new artist is commissioned by Biotherm to reinvent their cult products to raise funds and awareness for ocean protection.

This season of giving, they’ve chosen four skincare classics and have them packaged in limited edition reinterpreted designs by Sabrina Transiskus, a paper artist. Every purchased charity edition product will help fund research into the impact of global warming on Antartica’s near-threated Emperor Penguins.

The four essential products chosen to make a difference at the most wonderful time of the year are the Aquasource Limited Edition JUMBO for Normal Skin ($120), Aquasource Limited Edition JUMBO for Dry Skin ($120), Life Plankton Essence Limited Edition 125ml ($78) and Lait Corporel Limited Edition 400ml ($58).

Pack - Aquasource Limited-Edition Jumbo 125ml (Pink)


Aquasource Limited Edition JUMBO $120 (Worth $173)

The packaging of both box and bottle for each of the skincare classics sport intricate and exquisite jewel like snowflakes.

With the sea ice melting, the Emperor Penguins are predicted to decline by 50% as they depend on sea ice levels. A portion of proceeds from purchases will go towards funding the collection of essential data needed for the listing of Emperor Penguins on the endangered species list and the research will be led by the WHOI’s associate scientist, Dr. Stephanie Jenouvrier.

Christmas Gift Ideas

Also available during the holiday season are gorgeous gift sets for both women and men that are great value for money containing some of Biotherm’s best-selling products!


Life Plankton Essence Youth-Restoring Set

Life Plankton Essence Youth-Restoring Set ($78)

Rewind time and get provide your loved one’s skin with a miracle fix with this Life Plankton Essence Youth-Restoring Set.

Promising rejuvenated skin that is smoother, firmer and more luminous in just 1 week, the set includes the Life Plankton Essence (125ml), Blue Therapy Accelerated Serum (10ml) and Blue Therapy Cream (15ml). These are worth $143, but get your hands on it for just $78!


Total Recharge Anti-Fatigue Set

Total Recharge Anti-Fatigue Set ($65)

The party season with its late nights will have skin feeling tired and in need for recharge. Enter the Total Recharge Anti-Fatigue Set which provides an instant energising glow that will last all day.

Help your significant other or special someone look like he caught an extra 4 hours of sleep effortlessly with the Total Recharge Anti-Fatigue Gel Moisturiser (50ml), Anti-Redness Shaving Foam (50ml), and Biotherm Essential Cleanser (75ml).

Products are infused with Ginseng and Menthol extracts for a refreshing sensation! The original total value of this set? $87.

Check out Biotherm’s Gift Finder to discover which gift will be perfect for your loved ones in just two simple steps!