We pick out the five best styles available at Spur Shoes this season that will take you from work to party without long-wearing pain.

If it’s good enough for our beloved Running Man celebrities like “Kookie” Kim Jong Kook and “Blur Ji” Song Ji Hyo and K-pop starlets like Girls Generation’s Yuri, Wondergirls and KARA, it’s good enough for us.

Whether you’re looking to brisk walk to office while looking chic in high heels or relax and chill with fashionable flats and pumps, Korea’s Spur Shoes is the place to shop. They offer a variety of amazing footwear in several trendy styles that perfectly balance comfort and style, thanks to its seven layer technology.

We share five great styles that are suitable for work and play. With the year-end parties on their way, there’s no better time to get yourself some sink-into-bliss footwear to celebrate in.



Colourful range of loafers/pumps

No shoe style is more misunderstood than the humble flats. Flats are everyone’s go-to on lazy days. They’re our back-up footwear for days when we couldn’t care less about looking great than about feeling at ease.

That said, some flats are making waves with everyone looking out for brands with delightful detailing. Spur Shoes present a more affordable option, with a level of quality in terms of detailing that most would find beautiful, but without the excessive price tag of course.


Gorgeous ribbon detailing on ballet pumps

From the well-constructed loafers that come in a myriad of in-trend colours (mustard, nude, cobalt and black), to pumps embellished with large pretty ribbons, Spur Shoes gets the designs right. Each pair of Spur Shoes look elegant and classy, because of the luxe combination of materials used.


Get party-ready with ease in these sparkling flats 


Fits like a glove and envelopes feet in Spur Shoes signature level of comfort

Even the glittery ballet pumps, which are not difficult to find in the marketplace, has a certain je ne sais quo. It is something in the way it sparkles that makes it a little prettier than most other glittery alternatives.



Matching loafers for mummy and child

Move over couple wear, its not mommy-and-kid outfits thats all the rage these days.

Mummies, you’ll love the matching mother-and-child footwear available from Spur Shoes. If you’re looking to dress up your baby girl in cute matching threads, don’t forget your footwear!


Bootie style wedges

You’ll find edgy and feminine wedges that will add a dash of spunk to your wardrobe and outfits. Spur Shoes has a selection of bootie style wedges that are in perfect Fall/Winter designs like the ones in the photos above.


Nautical beauties

If you’re looking for a laid-back pair of wedges for added height, but don’t want to look too dressed up, this pair of navy and white striped platform wedges should be top of your shopping list. After all, stripes (and all things nautical) are “in”.



High heels that don’t sacrifice comfort levels

If there is one thing that you must purchase at least one of from Spur Shoes, it is their high heels.

These wonderful heels are extremely comfy and you feel like you’re sinking into cushions enveloping your feet. Still, the designs are easy to love and very elegant making it great for work. The level of comfort it offers is so amazing, making them even better for long walks with your date or crazy parties with your friends.

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