Normcore lives on in this season's gemstone hues as seen in Camper's Gemma sports hybrid sneakers.

Normcore survives another season and continues to take the fashion world by storm while Fall/Winter 2015 welcomes a palette of rich gemstone hues.

Spanish shoe brand, Camper, manages to nail both trends with their Gemma range of sports hybrid sneakers. The new progressive sneaker for women looks unisex and no-fuss. It is simple, average and unpretentious with its chunky build but light design. They have also cleverly dressed the Gemma sneaker, which comes in lace-up, slip on and ankle boot versions, in this season’s hottest shades of amethyst and emerald.

While normcore is all about the average, unassuming designs, it doesn’t have to be boring. The  sneaker is designed in various materials and boast matte metallic tones and dazzling detailing at the sole which are inspired by the earth’s glittering mineral clusters.

Gemma retails for S$459 and is available at all Camper boutiques.