As I’m writing this on my hospital bed while waiting for my baby to be done with her phototherapy and to see her for her upcoming feeding time at 5.30am, I thought maybe why not pen down my delivery experience before the baby gets discharged as I probably be busy caring for my baby once she returns home.

At week 37, my baby had a sudden growth spurt and gain 0.7kg in 2 weeks. On the next doctor’s appointment a week later, she was measuring about 3.6kg. I was so worried about how big she would be if she came when she was due and whether I would be able to deliver her naturally. I was also afraid if the signs of labour would appear at the worst timing like during the peak hour and I would not be able to get a cab in time as I had previously experienced it when I had to seek medical attention suddenly when I was pregnant. My mother had never experienced contractions before when she had me and my pregnancy have been similar with hers so far. The 4 months of morning sickness and no stretchmark on the belly during the entire pregnancy. What if I do not feel any contractions at all and my baby grew to more than 4kg on her EDD? Eventually, I decided to do Elective C section and scheduled to have her delivered on 18th October 2015.

On the morning of 18th October 2015, I checked in at 7am with my Brother who helped me with my hospital bag at Gleneagles Hospital. After registering my admission at the lobby, I was brought to my room and shown all the features of my one bedder room. I sat on my hospital bed, anxiously waiting for the scheduled operation time. I tried to sleep as I had only slept 2 hours the night before. But I could only turn from side to side, feeling my baby’s kicks in my belly with anticipation that I’ll get to see her in a few hours time.

When it was 10.30am, I was wheeled to the operating theatre alone while my mother and brother waited for me outside the operating theatre. While I was asked a few times if my husband was coming with me to the theatre and I had to explain that I didn’t have one, I honestly didn’t mind going in alone. I felt that it was going to be my first alone time with the baby before I share her with the world. I had also chosen Epidural instead of General Anesthesia so that I could be awake to see her.

I felt my lower body getting numb and a few minutes later, Aria Tan made her presence known with her loud cries on 18 October 2015, 11.20am.

After a short few minutes of bonding with Aria, she was sent to the nursery for observation while I was sent to the recovery room. During the time I was there, I was shivering (one of the side effects of epidural) but I kept thinking about the baby and how I can’t wait to see more of her and look at the reaction of my family and friends who are anxiously waiting for her arrival. I was wheeled back to my ward and the first thing I did was to request for the baby. There she is. My little bundle of joy.

Aria’s first meeting with my family and fairy godmamas who had arrived early and waited for a few hours.

I was bedridden for the first day and got to snuggle with her too.

You can see that after delivering a baby, the attention has shifted from your big pregnant belly to the newborn baby. Aria stole my thunder! But she also stole the hearts of many people with her chubby cheeks and huge eyes.

I discovered my gynae Dr Brenda Low Wen Yong by chance as when I discovered my pregnant test was positive and the GP gave me the contact details of 3 gynaecologists to call to find out how far along was my pregnancy. I’m glad I got her and highly recommend her. I have already recommended her to a few of my friends and they felt the same way too. She is very assuring and positive while explaining thoroughly on any of my concerns. The surgery was a success and I recovered quite quickly as she came by every morning to check on my progress.

As I’m going to be discharged, I’m going to miss my best friend for this stay. Meet my best friend. The nurse call button at the side of my bed. I would like to sincerely thank all the nurses and lactation consultant at Gleneagles for their patience in attending to mine and the baby’s endless needs. If not for them, I would be so clueless to everything. How to carry the baby, how to breastfeed and dealing with my pain after my c section surgery and so much more. They were really encouraging at my daily improvement and I felt really motivated. They were really caring as I was alone in the room during the night and I am very touched by them.

Yay! Baby Aria is ready to be discharged with me and my Mother today after her slight jaundice and we leave the hospital in a limo ride that comes included in the hospital package.

Welcome to the family, Baby Aria. 

“Sometimes, the smallest things take up the most room in your heart.” – Winnie the Pooh