If you could have #ONEDISHONLY, Carrie recommends the Wagyu Don from Kinsa Sushi that will become the benchmark for all Japanese beef bowls.

Goodness, gracious, me!

The moment I set my eyes on the Wagyu Don from Kinsa Sushi at HillV2 at Hillview Rise near Bukit Gombak, I knew I would never be able to look at any other beef bowl the same way ever again.

The luscious, glistening slices of Wagyu beef, which by the way, is perfectly marbled Grade A4 Kagoshima Wagyu, beckoned for me to dig in and the gooey onsen egg was waiting to be broken. This all sounds great, but the taste is even better.


Quality is the name of the game at Kinsa Sushi and this indulgent rice bowl is a real treat. The runny onsen egg once broken and stirred into the sticky Japanese pearl rice heightens the taste and texture of the Wagyu don and complements the sweet and savoury slices of sinful, tender Wagyu beef.

The best part is this exceptional Wagyu Don is only $24.80. Ingredients are top notch, taste is amazing and the price is to die for. Getting to the out-of-the-way HillV2 may be a little bit of a hassle, but its definitely worth it for this #ONEDISHONLY find!

4 Hillview Rise, #02-02,
Singapore 667979
+65 6710 7278