Two weeks and five sessions of Active Hive's Minus Calories Anti-Aging Detox programme later, I have gained 0.7 kilogrammes. But it's not what you think.

Active Hive (2)I started on Active Hive’s high tech Minus Calories Anti-Aging Detox programme without knowing what to expect. As I’m accustomed to playing netball at outdoor courts and frequenting larger fitness chains, Active Hive’s smaller premises piqued my curiosity from the get-go.

Active Hive is situated within Oxley Bizhub, which is a 5-minute bus ride from Tai Seng MRT station or a 10-minute ride from Paya Lebar MRT Station. Tucked away at the slightly confusing maze that is Oxley Bizhub, Active Hive has an open area for yoga classes as well as a smaller enclosed room for their one and only Minus Calories equipment. For now that is, since it just opened its doors in December 2014.

Route from the bus stop along Paya Lebar Road to Active Hive:

Minus Calories is a 30-minute fitness and wellness programme that is designed to burn calories five times faster than normal fitness or slimming methods. The workout regime utilizes infrared and ionized air technology, along with application of some anti-cellulite and body sculpting cream, to reward the user with numerous health, fitness and beauty benefits.

Table of Infrared and Ionised Air

The Active Hive staff explained that they were going to put me on a tougher uphill workout programme, considering my age, health and frequency of exercise. After the brief explanation about the workout programme, it was time to take my body composition measurements. Darn those body fats! It was my first time taking a body composition test so the abbreviations used were new to me. Not to mention my fat mass. When you look at your own body composition results, it would be best to focus on different categories, depending on what you’re looking to achieve – weight loss or toning. I personally focused on the basal metabolic rate and fat mass more than others.

Anti-cellulite and body sculpting cream, a special white cream that cannot be found in retail outlets, was then applied on my sports bra and shorts clad body. I felt a warm sensation throughout my body even while the cream was being applied, as if telling me that they were ready to battle my stubborn body fats.

Active Hive (9)

Equipped with my 1.5-liter water bottle and towel, I stepped on the elliptical machine that was enclosed by walls in an almost oval shape, complete with 4 infrared panels and a small TV. It felt like a futuristic vehicle of sorts. I half expected the machine to move off on its invisible wheels while I was pedalling on the elliptical machine and watching the latest episode of Running Man. You can request for other movies and shows to entertain you while you work out, but it was Yoo Jae Suk and gang for me through and through.

During the first few minutes into the workout regime, I was distracted by the multiple readings on the elliptical machine’s screen, especially the percentage of my body’s exertion that was hovering in the 70% range when it was supposed to be in the 80% range.

Active Hive (3)

My mind then wandered to the glowing orange light and substantial heat emitting from the infrared panels. I found myself imagining the worst ever scenario – what would happen if I lost my footing on the machine and rammed my knee into the panels?! The Active Hive staff was amused at my question, and assured me that my body would not be scalded if that really happened, though some pain will be felt and you’ll immediately pull your body away. She’s right, I checked towards the end of my workout session!

Active Hive (6)After I completed the 30-minute workout session, I was greeted by a refreshing cup of recovery juice that is made from a combination of fruit and vegetables that were put through the Hurom slow juicer. My favourite is the concoction comprising red and green apple, orange, lemon, celery and xiao bai cai. Shiok!

For the remaining four workout sessions, I went through the same regime and was rewarded with a different recovery juice each time.

Recovery Juice Collage

It was encouraging to see the number of calories burned increasing as I went through each session. This brings me to my opening statement that I gained 0.7 kilogrammes. Sounds weird right? Isn’t the Minus Calories Anti-Aging Detox programme supposed to help me shave a few digits off the weighing scale? What I didn’t mention before was that Active Hive also emphasised on other aspects of maintaining one’s fitness – diet and lifestyle. And I admit that after my fourth workout, I overindulged in a tze char dinner. Those chilli crab and prawn paste chicken though…so the 0.7 kilogrammes was probably my own doing, rather than an indication of the effectiveness of this workout programme. My only consolation was that my hip and thigh measurements decreased by one and two inches respectively!

If you’re looking out for new workout regimes and don’t mind the slightly higher price tag, be sure to give Active Hive’s Minus Calories Anti-Aging Detox programme a try! Learn from my mistake and be sure to remember Active Hive’s 7Rs approach to health and a balance lifestyle: Responsible, Right Exercise, Right Nutrition, Right Effort, Right Mindset, Right Concentration and Rest.

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