Its been a mighty long time since I’ve been active and had a good dose of hardcore cardio. To be honest, I totally miss it. After a long period of procrastination, I decided it was time to pull myself out of the no-exercise zone.

After downloading Passport Asia, a fitness passport app, I was given access to an endless array of fitness sessions (sometimes at pretty fancy-smancy gyms) with the Unlimited Plan at just $99 a month. I was so excited to try out different things. This was just perfect after such a long period of inactivity. I didn’t have to commit to a long-term contract at a gym or fitness centre if I wasn’t sure I’d like to just do a single type of fitness session for an extended period of time. Passport Asia has 200 gyms and studios and 40,000 classes monthly. How’s that for variety?

Using Passport Asia, I signed myself up for Stand Up Paddle Boarding at Sentosa and Pole Dancing at Bobbi’s Pole Dance Studio. But after a season of Zumba and Hip Hop at Physical ABuse, I felt that was ready for something else.

Move to Live 7

It had been awhile since I did any martial arts related activity, so I thought, why not? Let’s give Muay Thai a go. That said, I wasn’t ready for a full-on contact during a regular Muay Thai training session, so I searched around for an alternative and stumbled onto FightFit, a non-contact Muay Thai techniques training class with plenty of cardio and conditioning offered by new kid on the block, Move to Live at Buona Vista.

Move to Live just opened about half a year ago and has a focus on Muay Thai, Yoga and Circuit Training. In short, these folks want to help their customers and members keep moving and improving.

The gym is tucked away at the Immunos Building at Biomedical Grove about five to ten minutes away by foot from the Buona Vista MRT (Exit D).

Move to Live

Move to Live 2

The place was clean, quiet and class sizes were conducive for learning. The gym is pretty new so all the pads and punching bags were in great condition. For those without gloves, the gym also loans them without charge for the session. I loved the vibe of the place and it really felt welcoming; It was a place I would love to continue training at.

I guess this is the beauty of using Passport Asia. It really opens the doors to discovering new gyms beyond just one single trial. I have been to two sessions of Move to Live’s FightFit and it was on the second session that I discovered that I really did feel comfortable learning in that environment.
Move to Live 3

I found FightFit similar to what is offered at Evolve MMA’s Level I Muay Thai classes. Basically, there’s no sparring involved and it’s almost a cross between the WarriorFit (but less intense) and the Muay Thai class.

There’s plenty of cardio to get your heart pumping, enough simple instructions from the trainer to get you learning basics in Muay Thai through shadow boxing and some partner pad work, and you get your chance to punch and kick it out at the bags too. Then as if that’s not a good enough work out, there’s conditioning exercises before the hour-long class is over. This all may sound easy, but trust me, after not working out for such a long period and suddenly kicking things up so many notches, I almost blacked out on my first attempt at FightFit. Folks, never forget the importance of having a good breakfast, getting enough rest before class and staying hydrated.

Move to Live 9

The extremely small class sizes I observed so far at the 10.30am class on Saturdays (only 6 – 7 students) means adequate attention and guidance from the instructor. No complicated moves are taught during the class, only simple combos. Let’s just say it’s more a fitness class than Muay Thai class which is absolutely fine by me. I thought this was a great way to get into the hang of things either before embarking on Muay Thai classes or a cardio-based supplement to existing Muay Thai training.

Move to Live 6

As it is, I’ve registered for another two classes of FightFit for the month and I am constantly looking out for classes at Move to Live that I may pop into at the last minute should my schedule clear up. I’ve yet to try their Muay Thai classes, so that’s next on the horizon. Using my Passport Asia app, I am allowed up to three sessions of FightFit at Move to Live.

Move to Live is currently offering an opening special, a week-long unlimited trial for Muay Thai, Yoga or FightFit is at a promotional price of $49. Their a la carte lessons are priced at $30.

With my tight schedule, a week-long unlimited trial wouldn’t work for me even though it is of excellent value. I’d probably be only able to pop in to Move to Live once a week at best on the weekend (Saturdays mostly). The great thing about Passport Asia is that if I was hoping to try out classes at Move To Live, should I opt for either the Basic Fitness Plan at $59 which gives me up to 4 slots and the Unlimited Fitness Plan at $99 which gives me unlimited slots, I’d be able to trial Move to Live and any other fitness establishment during the same month before I decide if I’d want to go for a membership at any of the many gyms found on the app.

Oh, and I almost forgot to mention that with friends who had the app, it was also great fun to coordinate attending classes together and booking the sessions were a real breeze!

Move to Live 8

If you haven’t gotten the Passport Asia app, I think you really should give it a go. It adds a lot of colour and variety to keeping active and makes it so much easier to #findyourfit!

8A Biomedical Grove, #01-20,
Immunos Building,
Singapore 138648
+65 6464 2018
$30 single class
$260 monthly unlimited
$238 for 10 classes (valid for 4 months)
$438 for 20 classes (valid for 6 months)