This hydrating treatment will leave your skin looking beautiful even make-up free. Our contributor, Flora Isabelle, undergoes Hydra-Boosters to achieve a glowing complexion with minimal downtime.

I first found out about the Skin Boosters treatment when I met a friend at an event and she was absolutely glowing.

Her skin was all plumped up hydrated and I wanted to have a dose of whatever she had!


And so, I made an appointment at The Chelsea Clinic conveniently located at Wheelock Place for their Hydra-Boosters treatment.


Banish fears of dull and ageing, scaly skin and trace your youth back to supple, beautiful skin.

Discover luminous skin from within with the customized program of Hydra-Boosters – Water Therapy for your skin. A series of microinjections are applied to the treated areas during each treatment, resulting in intense hydration for your skin and a long-lasting sexy “post-shower” glow.



It is a non-invasive procedure where essentially, hyaluronic acid fillers are injected under our skin to increase its natural ability to retain moisture.

Most people usually go for a series of 3 treatments – each using one syringe and spaced one month apart. Prices are transparently stated at the clinic’s website at $750/syringe and $2988 for a package of 3. After the 3rd session, the effects are supposed to last about 6 months.


For my first session, I went for the Vital Light Skinboosters.

Here’s my skin before without any makeup.

I used to have oily skin which has switched to dry skin in recent years as I age. I also have some post-acne scarring from my younger years and suffer from rosacea which explains the redness you see.

(Which the Hydra-Boosters will also help with, YAY!)


The most important question – Does it hurt?

Now, I have an incredibly low threshold for pain (it’s to the extent that I had to extract my wisdom teeth under General Anesthesia) so what I did was to voice this concern – repeatedly – to the nurses and they applied for me a very thick layer of numbing cream (that smells like yummy sweetcorn candy by the way!) and left it on longer for me.


The clinic also uses micro-fine needles (really super duper fine) and my doctors were incredibly sweet and gentle I barely felt anything at my cheeks and forehead. It got a little sensitive around the upper lips but still bearable. In fact, I found this much less painful than the monthly eyebrow threading sessions I used to do!

A soothing mask is applied after treatment and this is how I look RIGHT after:


You can see the injection marks and redness but by the next day, I could cover them up quite well with some BB cream.

(You can apply makeup 4 hours after treatment but unless it’s a super hot date, I would advise to let your skin rest for a day.)

A week later, the needle marks completed faded and I love, love, LOVE how my skin looks without any makeup.


This was taken as soon as I had woken up. You can see how plumped up it is and that glow I was talking about?

A month later, I went back for my second injection.

My skin now while definitely better than BEFORE the first injection, was not as great as how it looked 2 weeks after treatment as our body naturally breaks down the fillers.

This time round, my doctor recommend I go for the Vital Skinboosters (instead of the Light version I did previously) as it will also help with the appearance of my acne scarring.

The needles go deeper with the Vital version BUT the pain factor (or rather painless factor) is the same. Again I had requested for more numbing cream to stay on longer.

And this is how I look one week after treatment:


Again, taken just after I woke up, completely bare-faced.

You can see how much clearer and hydrated my skin looks.

I’m now completely sold and can’t wait for my 3rd session.

Hydra-Boosters are available at The Chelsea Clinic at $750/syringe and $1988 for a package of 3.

Disclaimer: All photos have not been photoshopped or undergone editing in any photo editing apps to alter skin conditions. The treatment was sponsored, but this review is honest and the contributor’s own based on her own experience.

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