If travelling to East Coast for seafood wasn't appealing, the new Crab in da Bag outlet may be what you're waiting for. Jolyn pays the outlet a visit.

Being one of the first Southern Louisiana seafood restaurants in Singapore, Crab in da Bag isn’t an unfamiliar name among the locals. Following the success of Crab in da Bag’s first outlet at Big Splash, they have finally opened its second outlet at Singapore Sports Hub with spacious dining area and a fantastic waterfront view of Kallang river.

Crab in da Bag - Sports Hub

Here are 5 compelling reasons why you should make plans to head down to Crab in da Bag @ Singapore Sports Hub soon!

1. Great Location


If you find Crab in da Bag @ Big Splash rather inaccessible, you will find that it’s second outlet @ Singapore Sports Hub is totally the opposite! If you’re clueless about how Kallang Wave Mall is laid out, you may initially miss the outlet as it is situated at the back of Kallang Wave Mall. However, following the right directions, they are just a brisk 5 minutes walk from Stadium MRT Station. It’ll have you barely breaking a sweat!

Take Exit A from Stadium Mrt Station and walk straight ahead till you reach the river. Turn left and Crab in da Bag @ Singapore Sports Hub will be straight ahead.

2. Use all 10 fingers and NO ONE will judge

Caboodle Boil

The Caboodle Boil 

Ever feel like using all 10 fingers of yours at a restaurant to devour the luscious and succulent crustaceans served on the table, but totally afraid of being judged by the people around you? Throw all your worries into the river and enjoy the seafood wholeheartedly as everyone in the restaurant will be doing the same!

Just imagine yourself pulling out a chunky piece of white meat from the crab with your fingers, glistering with flavoursome au jus streaking down your fingers. Pop that piece of flesh into your mouth and lick every inch of your crab-holding fingers to savour the goodness of the perfectly cooked crustacean. Isn’t that taste just different from using only four fingers or even cold metal cutleries?

3. Perfectly cooked seafood

Caboodle Boat

Those who toil in the kitchen frequently know that it is not easy to grasp the technique when it comes to cooking a piece of steak perfectly to the desired doneness. But they may not know that in order to flawlessly cooke seafood, a great level of precision is also needed!

The Executive Chef and culinary team of Crab in da Bag are extremely particular on how long each ingredient is cooked and even have a fixed sequence to what is added into the cooking pot first. A timer is placed next to the cooking pot and it starts ticking the very second the first ingredient is put into the pot to ensure that all the seafood is perfectly cooked and retains its original sweetness. Every time your teeth sinks into the seafood served at Crab in da Bag, it is packed with wholesome flavour that makes you feel like you are sitting by the sea.

4. Plenty of sauces to suit your taste bud


The Caboodle boil is available in two sizes, the Titanic Pot ($299++, for 4 pax) and Gigantic Pot ($399++, for 6 pax). It is suitable for parties and large groups. The seafood pots are served with three homemade dips; Thai Green Bird, Northern Malaysia Sambal and Lousiana Garlic Butter, offering diners of all ages and gender to pick one that tickles their fancy, or in this case, delight their taste buds.

Guests can also choose to have their seafood with an Asian twist by choosing other signature seasonings such as the Ultimate Curry (signature curry mix, stir-fried with aromatic curry leaves and chilli padi) and Caboodle Mix (combination of local and Louisiana herbs & spices, cooked with garlic & unsalted butter).

5. Array of fabulous sides

Mum’s Pasta in da Bag!

Mum’s Pasta in da Bag!

House Fries

House Fries

Crispy Chewy Baby Squids

Crispy Chewy Baby Squids

CiDB Wings

CiDB Wings

Although seafood is the main highlight of the restaurant, Crab in da Bag does not pay any less attention to its sides that compliment the hero of the restaurant.

New inclusions to the menu includes Mum’s Pasta in da Bag! ($16++), Salad in da Bag! ($12++) and Boston Bay Mussels ($24++). The pasta is served in a rich sweet and sour sauce that definitely whets your appetite, but personally would prefer if the pasta could leave the stove slightly earlier for a firmer and more al dente texture. As for the salad, the dressing is just right and helps to reduce the sinfulness of all the luxurious seafood.

Classics such as the House Fries ($7++), Crispy Chewy  Baby Squids ($12++) and CiDB Wings ($12++) are still available and they are fabulous starters that will bring lots of joy to the dining table.


Crab in da Bag is a great place for family gatherings and huge friends gathering with awesome seafood that will whet your appetite. Wait no longer to get your hands “dirty” and be greeted by the restaurant team with a simple ‘Ahoy’ when you enter the restaurant!

Water Sports Centre, 8 Stadium Walk, #02-05 Singapore 397699
Tuesday – Friday: 4pm – 11pm Saturday – Sunday: 12pm – 11pm Closed on Monday. Open on public holiday, including eve.
+65 6384 3511 or info@crabindabag.com
Stadium MRT