If you’re a K-pop loving student who is feeling sian about endless assignments and tests, listen up - Kang Gary may visit your school in a few months' time!

Korean entertainment guru CJ E&M’s Asian channel, channel M, is producing a global production named School’s OUT, which is a reality programme that showcases Asian teenagers’ immense interest in K-pop activities outside of Korea. For the first time ever, several top Korean artistes will take turns to pay surprise visits to selected schools from these 10 countries – Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Philippines, Cambodia, Myanmar and Australia.

Kang Gary

The first artiste appointed to embark on a mission to these 10 countries towards the end of 2015 is Kang Gary. He is one-half of the hip hop duo Leessang, one-seventh of the cast behind the immensely popular Korean variety programme Running Man, and the male protagonist behind the popular onscreen Monday Couple with his Running Man co-star Song Ji-hyo.

Gary first visited our shores in 2013 for Leessang’s first ever Asia tour, with Singapore being the first leg of that showcase. He subsequently visited Singapore a few more times over the past two years, for Running Man events and music performances – the most recent being his showcase with long-time friend and talented music partner, Jung In. Gary took to Asia very well over the last few years and Asian fans to him, so it made sense for him to kick start this new programme.

Selection of the schools from each country will be based on the young fans’ support and online entries. Sign your school up for this reality programme by liking the Channel M Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/Channel.M.Asia, and submitting a write-up of why Gary should visit your school http://schoolsout.channelm.asia. Application ends on 31 August 2015 (Monday) at 1159hrs!

P.S: We can’t wait to find out which other K-pop stars will be visiting Singapore for School’s OUT!