All you need is 10 minutes to get your skin rejuvenated and refreshed with these handy face sheet masks from Guardian.

Tired eyes, dull and parched skin: It’s time for a skin SOS pronto!

While heading to an aesthetic clinic or facial provider might be the best way to allay any skin concerns, the truth is it does take more than a quick 15 minutes to get a facial done. How then can we get beautiful glowing and moisturised skin throughout the week?

The sheet mask is your best bet for a fast skin fix and just recently, Guardian launched several new lines of sheet masks to help you achieved instant rejuvenation any time of the day you’ve got pockets of spare time.


 ($5.90 FOR 5 SHEETS)

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Eyes feeling exhausted? Soothe and refresh your tired eye area with a Warm Spa Eye Mask. The self-heating mask helps to keep the area around your eyes heated, providing with relief and soothing the contours while protecting your eyes.

Long hours in front of your desk while staring at the computer can create so much strain for your eyes. The compact packet of Warm Spa Eye Mask fits easily into your handbag and can be whipped out at any time during your 10 minute break or lunch hour for some pampering eye treatment.

The Warm Spa Eye Mask is extremely comfortable and relaxing and I also recommend these masks for use during travel – especially on long flights. The masks come in fragrance-free and lavender fragrance.

 ($9.90 FOR 10 PAIRS)

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The skin around our eyes is the thinnest and most sensitive, easily forming fine lines and crows feet if we don’t care for it properly.

Protect and nourish your delicate eye area with these refreshing Cute Eye Masks which come in three variants – Cucumber (Moisturising), Elder Flower (Firming) and Cocoa (Brightening).

How often do we see people slapping on slices of cucumber onto the eye area while enjoying a clay mask. The cucumber with its cooling and soothing beauty benefits is a favourite “beauty solution” and Guardian has developed one the Cucumber Moisturizing Eye Mask to include both Cucumber and Aloe extracts along with pomegranate essence to hydrate and rejuvenate the eye contour area.

The Elder Flower Firming Eye Masks targets puffy eyes and alleviates eye bags. The eye masks contain moisturising essences derived from hydrolysed collagen to leave skin around the eye area looking firm.

The Cocoa Brightening Eye Masks helps make the eye area radiant through the use of Cocoa and Camellia Leaf extracts and is infused with multiple moisturising essences derived from Hyaluronate and Olive Oil.

 ($3.50 FOR 1 SHEET)


Known for its skin rejuvenation qualities, Snail Mucus was first made popular by Korean skincare brands. I absolutely love snail mucus masks and skincare and I am so happy to see that Guardian has launched this range of high quality masks that are made in Korea!

The Korean Snail Mucus extract helps to strength skin elasticity and reduces the appearance of wrinkles. Skin feels smoother and softer with use of the Snail Mucus masks. Choose between the Yuca Glauca Extract leaves skin plump and moisturised. For tanned ladies (like myself), opt for the White Peony Extract which boasts intense brightening benefits.

 ($3.50 FOR 1 SHEET)

IMG_9340IMG_9341Another of their premium range of face masks, Guardian’s Golden Cocoon Masks is an intensely moisturising face mask that nourishes the skin and boosts skin complexion.

The masks contain special ingredient, Sericin, which is a component of raw silk found in silkworm cocoons. Sericin is chock full of amino acids and has rich moisturising properties.

Choose between Lotus Leaf if you require brightening or Oatmeal for deep hydration.


I recommend using the masks thrice a week for maintenance and to keep your skin moisturised and smooth. I’ve recently come back from a trip to sunny Phuket and these masks are a god-send to keep my parched skin moisturised and happy.

The masks are available in all Guardian Health & Beauty outlets and on