A lively comedic musical on the arrival of "talkies" in Hollywood which marked an end to an era of silent films. Carrie discovers just how relevant this musical still is over five decade since its inception.

Most of us would have heard at least the chorus of Singin’ In The Rain and seen countless pop culture references to that iconic scene where the legendary American actor, Gene Kelly as protagonist Don Lockwood, dressed fully in a grey suit, parts from a beautiful night with Debbie Reynolds as Don’s love interest, Kathy Selden. He dances with wild abandon on the streets as the rain pours down over him.

If you haven’t, here’s a video of that whole scene for your viewing pleasure.

Prior to watching Singin’ In The Rain The Musical, I had no concept of what sparked this exuberant song-and-dance sequence that so many consider one of the best from Hollywood’s Golden Age.

This comedy musical is based on the Tinseltown movie of the same name that was filmed more than five decades ago and the story harkens back to a time when the arrival of new technology paves the way for a giant change in Hollywood.


Set in 1927, MGM heart throb, Don Lockwood, is the object of every womans affection and has a screaming hoard of fans following him wherever he goes. As with most Hollywood actors and actresses from that era, studio executives and publicists have worked hard on pairing him up with his co-star, Lina Lamont, and have spared no effort in publicising and playing up their on-screen “romance” as an off screen reality to generate interest for their romantic films.

Then a chance encounter one day sends a young ingenue with big dreams, Kathy Selden, crashing into his life changing it forever, just as new technological advances in film-making capabilities force MGM studio execs to ditch silent movies for talking movies or “talkies”. This is such an entertaining  story with the historic change in Hollywood acting as a central plot device.


A riveting tale then unfolds as Don and Lina are forced to give up old ways and embrace the arrival of this brilliant new film format which fans are screaming for. That’s not so much a challenge for  the charming and articulate Don, but self-absorbed diva Lina on the other hand, who has a speaking and singing voice only a mother could love, struggles painfully with this transition. What ensues is a romantic triangle, plenty of dramatic tension interspersed with light-hearted moments and some seriously catchy songs and accompanying dialogue that will tickle the funny bone.


I entered the MasterCard Theatres with fresh eyes and with no clue of what the storyline was about. All I knew was the vague tune of the titular song’s chorus. What I did not expect was an enchanting two hours and forty minutes of foot tapping, laughter and romance.

As a Gen Y theatre-goer, I was spellbound by the catchy and rousing music that wonderfully captured the mood and set the tone. I was completely glued to every dance move and I was rooting from start to finish for the leading couple while completely appreciating and feeling sorry for the silly “villainess” of the musical. This may be a musical inspired by events of years long past, but in an age where the internet and social media is the new “talkie” to television and mainstream news, it’s still evergreen, relevant in the changing times and highly engaging.

And oh! I left the theatre chattering excitedly as I recounted the moment rain fell in sheets right onto stage with Don cheekily tapping his way around and right into the huge puddle pool, splashing water right into the faces of audiences in the first four rows, while belting out verse after verse of “Singin’ in the Rain”. This sent the crowd into peals of hoots and chuckles.


The music (all original scores from the movie) is hands-down some of the most wonderful I’ve ever heard and the epic sets are gorgeous and instantly brings you back to the 1920s. The cherry on top this pie is the on-point acting and larger than life characters. Needless to say, I’d rate Singin’ In The Rain, a timeless must watch.

We reviewed Singin’ In The Rain on Opening Night, courtesy of Base Entertainment Asia.


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