In the sixth year of my battle with Keratoconus, I have made a list of three things that most people experiencing this condition, hate hearing.

3. Do not squint, it is not pretty.

Yes. I know that most of you say this with the best of intentions. But lets just be clear here, we do not actually enjoy the squinting. It is actually really tiring but a necessity. We squint to see road signages, gauge distances both vertically and horizontally and in generally just to function like normal human beings. So give us a break, please. We know that it is uncomfortable for you too look at, but imagine how uncomfortable it must be for us to squint.

2. Its not the Keratoconus, you are just clumsy.

Many of us trip and fall a lot. It has got a lot to do with depth and distance perception. When it is really bright and warm, my eyes eventually become tired from the all the squinting that I have do, sometimes the steps blur into one another. When nightfall comes with visibility dropping further and you throw in the halos, holes on the road are no longer visible. So, I may end up tripping once in a while. Do not accuse me of being clumsy, that is just belittling everything I have to deal with.

1. At least you are not blind.

Thank you so much for the empathy right here. We know that we are not blind but many of us do constantly live in fear that we might become blind eventually. There are some mornings that we wake up with particularly bad eyesight and that scares us. There are some nights where there are so many halos that it gives us migraines. Keratoconus can be very unpredictable and that unpredictability can be unnerving to live with especially when you know that it has to be for a lifetime.