Radiant and better skin is on the way as I embark on my journey with Gangnam Laser Clinic. Fast-free and painless laser treatments that are safe and professionally done by medical professionals.

To see me writing in this column is something I didn’t quite see myself doing. Let’s be honest, I never thought I had good looks, more so skin, so why would I be sharing here right? Wrong, I decided I’ll take up the challenge. Looks are just skin deep right? Well, who will ever say no to having good skin.


I visited Gangnam Laser Clinic at Harbourfront recently. Tucked on the third floor of Harbourfront Centre, this clinic is really simple to get to. I got myself registered and got my details processed before I was escorted to have a consultation with the highly trained doctors there. 

My consultation with Dr. Felix Li was detailed and insightful, he had a quick look at my skin condition and detailed the best treatments that were going to help my skin conditions. Given that I had multiple issues, he recommended that we fix the problem of my oily skin, white heads and enlarged pores. He suggested that I embarked on the Carbon Laser treatment, of which I was happy to go for, let’s just get to the root of the problem right. My consultation with him also allowed me to clarify any issues and understand the procedure well. Girls being girls, the question of pain, downtime, exposure to sun etc- all answered! Thanks Dr. Felix, you couldn’t have been more informative! I knew I was in good hands.

Step 1: Cleansing


As I went on a weekday, and yes during lunch hour, I had to get all my makeup removed and a good thorough cleanse before we embarked on the procedure.

Step 2. Application of the Carbon Lotion


Carbon lotion was applied to the whole face, I’m literally looking like I’ve got a charcoal mask on.

Step 3: Laser Treatment


Dr. Li started the treatment with the laser machine. You’ll basically experience slight heat from the pulsating laser beams. This process essentially transfers laser energy on the epidermis, exfoliates your skin and tightens pores from the thermal effect. This treatment is should also help to regenerate your skin cells as it stimulates collagen renewal as well.  It’s painless and literally fuss-free!

Step 4: Hydrating Mask


The remains of the black lotion are cleaned off my face and completed with a nice cool hydrating gel mask.

The results? My skin was brighter, I also realized how some of my acne scars were lightened just after one treatment.


I experienced a slight tightening feel on my face over the next couple of days- of which I assumed was the tightening of my pores. I’m entrusting my face to you now, Dr. Li! For optimum results, one should undergo about 4 to 6 treatments.

Trust me, I’m one person who loves the sun, sand and sea. This treatment has absolutely no down-time, is painless and absolutely fuss-free! It was just music to my ears when I asked Dr. Li, if I had to abstain from sun rays- which means I could still go on to enjoy my wakeboarding and swimming!

I’m off to work after the treatment that takes just about half an hour. Bliss! Looking forward to my next treatment, I’m convicted that I’m off to better skin!