No fancy cameras needed, just your iPhone. Priscilla learns that you can get great shots provided you've got the basics right.

I have been to Hort Park several times for various occasions and I never fail to snap a dozen of photos against the backdrop of lush greenery. Each time I’d assure that I have bagged along the basic necessities for a selfie/wefie quest such as selfie stick, fish-eye lens, and tripod stand to make each photo flattering. My recent visit to Hort Park was for Visual-Graphy Workshop conducted by Illumi Training, and it was in such rare occasion that I grabbed just my iPhone along.

It was an interesting encounter where the trainer, Ashley, shared with us how to discover more about yourself through photography. She first shared several photos she has taken and the thought process that went behind each of them. Thereafter, we were given some time to roam around Hort Park to stop, look, feel and “click” on moments that connect with us. I have to admit I never truly have the aptitude in photography thus in the beginning, I was a little hesitant on pushing the “click” button. Nonetheless as I continued, I got flooded with inspirations and I was amazed with the photos taken.

Photography is a challenging medium but it need not take a professional photographer to capture photos that tell a story. It is all about finding interesting subjects and telling a tale imaginatively in pictures. There are of course techniques that can help to enhance the photos aesthetically and here’s to share some simple technical tips (learnt from the workshop and previous readings online) that could enliven your photos:

IMG_0737LINE communicates emotion. Horizontal lines suggest calmness whilst vertical lines suggest feeling of power. Jagged lines suggest frenzy feeling and so on whereas diagonal lines imply changes.

IMG_0744SHAPES exist in nature but are often not the first thing the viewer sees or recognizes on first glance. This can often create interest and a stronger visual impact.

IMG_0740COLOUR plays an important role that will set the mood of your photo.

IMG_0721TEXTURE helps to emphasize the features and details in a photograph.

IMG_0742COMPOSITION & FRAMING on the rule of thirds where human eyes tend to be more interested in subjects falling along this division.

Through this activity, I realize that the photos we took depict the way we see the world, the environment, the people and who they are. I took pictures of where I am and where I see myself to be, likewise the case for the rest of the participants. Each photo let you discover a little bit more about yourself and what is important to you. If you are thinking of grasping some basic photography skills or into understanding yourself better, Visual-Graphy Workshops could be the perfect weekend activity to discover the unknown side of yourself, or perhaps even a small group activity to learn something new about others!