Salomon is launching a new Agile range of clothing that is made perfectly for women who enjoy the thrill of trail running.

If you’re a lover of the outdoors and an adventurous spirit in search of new trails to run at, Salomon has introduced their Agile series of clothing, made for maximum comfort without compromising on your performance during your trail runs.

Made of light-weight material that is flexible and versatile, Salomon’s Agile series helps you say bye bye to stuffy non-breathable sportswear and say hello to well ventilated and insulated outfits that will keep you dry – even in cold and wet conditions. Our picks from the series are the Salomon Agile Jacket ($149) and Salomon Agile Shorts ($69).

Both are so light and easily packable, making them great travelling trail training gear. The Salomon Agile Jacket has venting on the shoulders and back, hand pockets and 360° reflective treatment making it an amazing jacket for cool weather running any time you like, day or night. Also of worthy mention is the lightweight Agile Shorts which comes in an easy-to-wear muted design without any loud prints or colours.

Prices for the Salomon Agile Series start at $59. 


Salomon Agile Jacket


Salomon Agile Shorts

The new Agile range will be available at all Salomon Concept Stores from June 2015 onwards.