Are you one who like to capture random fun moments, vivid food photos or picture-perfect selfies? Whether you are a beginner, enthusiast or expert photographer, ViSUAL-GRAPHY Workshops will present you with a different journey through photography.

The first in Singapore and Asia, ViSUAL-GRAPHY is a non-technical and stress relieving workshop, formulated with concepts from various personal development courses, experiences in life, counselling psychology and photography to provide participants with an opportunity to increase their self-awareness whilst learning basic photography skills and achieving relaxation.

The workshop will be conducted by Ashley Cheang, the Founder and Head Trainer of Illumi Training. She has over seven years of experience in photography and has undergone a specialist diploma training in counselling psychology. Join in the upcoming workshop this April:

110415aLearn how your thoughts and emotions can form a photo that evokes emotions! For more information, visit Illumi Training or click below to sign up now.