Welcome to our #ONEDISHONLY series where we feature one great eat from each restaurant, cafe or F&B outlet. If you're looking for an explosion of flavour, try the Oyster Dynamite from Miz Japanese Restaurant.

My first visit to Miz Japanese Restaurant was with a couple of friends thanks to a successful deal voucher buy. That gave the bunch of us a fantastic opportunity to try out quite a number of delicious items on the menu for a fraction of the price. The restaurant is just a couple of minutes walk from Tanjong Pagar MRT at Craig Road.

Miz Japanese Restaurant promises affordable but authentic Japanese cuisine. (It was previously known for their $6 Lunch Menus – such a steal – and also line-up of reliable and delectable a la carte menu items.)

The most flavourful and outstanding menu item we managed to taste during our visit (and I would most definitely return soon to order again with or without a Groupon or Deal voucher) is the Oyster Dynamite ($22 for 4 pieces / $44 for 8 pieces).


Oyster Dynamite is one of the signature dishes from Miz Japanese Restaurant and I love it because I can taste how fresh the grilled oysters are even under a special creamy and spicy mayonnaise sauce. Plus, the oysters are so plump and juicy. The natural sweetness of the oysters and that briny taste of the sea is complemented so perfectly by the accompanying sauce.

Once you’ve tasted this and the taste hits your palate, one serving of four pieces to share is just not enough. You’ll probably find it hard to stop at just one per person and you’ll probably order a couple more servings just because it’s so fresh and tasty!

Do note that the restaurant is housed in a small shophouse unit, so the tables and chairs are generally placed quite close to each other. This is not a place for you if you’ve got claustrophobia or a fear of strangers overhearing your dinner conversations! That said, the good food at good prices surely more than makes up for the cramp dining environment.

7 Craig Road
Tel: +65 8354 7477