Get a light hearted read as we find 11 excuses for you to be drinking away. It's a lifestyle to be enjoyed, all in moderation of course!


As I write this post, I’m just letting the creative juices flow over a glass of wonderful wine. For those who know me, I do enjoy my drinks, but I’m controlled, they’re all in moderation. We thought we’ll just like to give our readers a light-hearted read to laugh and relax over.

So, here are 11 excuses for you to go drinking. While there aren’t science, facts and evidence to it, but come on, there’s some truth? Yes? And hey, we did say… this is a light hearted read to just laugh over.

  1. There are too many good wines, beers and spirits out there, it’s a pity if you don’t savour the goodness in them, cos someone else probably would anyway.
  2. Drinking is a social lubricant. Alcohol gets you talking and releases your endorphins, you’re happier and funnier when you’re at gatherings with them. You can literally talk about anything under the sun.
  3. You’re under a lot of stress at work, or whatever is causing you to be stress. Drinks are the stress relievers, so drink on.
  4.  Cos you’re helping to stimulate the economy by doing so. Come on, let’s be honest, who stops at one glass? One glass is relative, do that multiplier effect and you’ll see the effect on our oh so awesome economy.
  5. People go through hard work and great lengths to bring these wonderful drinks to you. Why waste their efforts?
  6. Because we enjoy our drinks, we’re grooming good talents. Bartenders and mixologists are constantly seeking to bring their drinks to the next level. Come on, support their talents!
  7. Because you had a such a good day and it’s absolutely worth celebrating.
  8. You’ve already completed your workout for today and burnt sufficient calories. It’s time to reward the good work!
  9. You think you should give up drinking, but no, you don’t want to be a quitter neither do you want to be seen as one.
  10. Life’s too unpredictable, look at the recent spate of world events, accidents and catastrophes, you never know what’s going to happen next, enjoy life and drink up!
  11. Drinking is a brain stimulant. Your creativity and wit rockets when you’re enjoying them.

Enough reasons for a chill out session now? Go for it! Just remember, you know yourself best, so everything in moderation. Have a good one!