I remember going in for a consultation room at The Knightsbridge Medical Aesthetics 2 years ago with Carrie. I was apprehensive as I had never done any non-invasive treatments prior to that. However, our doctor would always analyse what our concerns were and work towards correcting and perfecting it. I first started out with Pixel Pro Laser to treat my acne scarred skin, then Liposonix to get rid of my love handles and even had Dermanew treatment to curb my acne. I even went back as a paying customer for nose fillers and I really liked how it gives definition to my face. It was subtle and the best part is there is minimal downtime!

This time I have arrived at The Knightbridge Clinic for 3D Face Treatment using a combination of botox and fillers that will enhance my facial structures without surgery.

As every patient is different, my doctor made an detailed assessment of my face and then let me know what he will be doing. The main concerns that he will be perfecting is my square jaw, recessive chin, nasolabial folds/smile lines and undereye lines.

I guess it is inevitable in the aging process that you start to develop wrinkles and lines. I have always felt conscious about my smile lines and after getting back into the work force, lack of sleep plus constantly on the computer make me rub my eyes which ended up with eyebags and undereye lines. These folds dramatically increase the visual age of a person. Thank god for fillers! All it takes is a few minutes of carefully injecting the fillers under the lines to provide a filling effect to evens out the skin. Don’t believe me? Read on further to see the after result.

What does a recessive chin mean? It means that my chin is located further back than normal. Hence it causes less of a distinction between the jawline and the neck. To correct this problem, fillers are injected to increase the volume in the chin, making it sharp and protruded, harmonizing the features of the face to form an attractive heart-shape.

All in all, my doctor added Fillers on my undereye region, smile line and chin. He had also added Botox to my chewing muscles for square jaw reduction.

Side by Side Comparison

Before and After 

Here you can can see a fuller under eye region, lifted cheeks, no more eye bags, and an improved smile line. It gave me a much fresher, alert and youthful look in just 15 minutes. The photos were taken on the same day just 15 minutes apart.  

The chin augmentation also gave me a V-shape face and I looked like I have slimmed down a lot as it is much sharper. I even have friends telling me that I have lost weight as my face looks so much sharper. This is a side by side comparison before and after 3D Face Treatment. The after still looks abit swollen however it has gone down and looks much natural after that. 

Many may ask, what is the brand of filler used? The Knightsbridge Medical Aesthetics uses Restylane, one of the top two brands of hyaluronic acid fillers, having a proven track record and serving the aesthetics doctors for more than 20 years. This facial filler not only increases the biocompatibility (does not cause allergic reactions) of hyaluronic acid in your body, it lasts longer in your skin. It has also been clinically proven to stimulate collagen production within your skin for younger and healthier looking skin.

Restylane’s Vital Light was used for my under eye region, Restylane’s Perlane was used for my smile lines and Restylane SubQ was used for my nose and chin.

How about the botox? My doctor uses Dysport from UK and it had been in use longer than the American brand that everyone is familiar about, in medical treatment of muscle spasticity conditions. The concentration of Dysport per bottle is also higher than any other brands, therefore, there is also a much lower chance of side effects from Dysport injections ( side effects of facial aesthetic Botox usually occur when there is unwanted spread of Botox to surrounding muscles – for Dysport – the chance of that happening is so much lower due to its higher concentration and lower volume of solution needed for the same number of Botox units used).

For a second opinion, you can read about Carrie’s 3D Face Treatment experience. A few days later, the swelling has gone down and I love how my face looks smaller like a heart-shaped frame and it definitely looks less haggard as my smile lines and eye bags are gone.

There is still time for you to have a new enhanced look before Chinese New Year so hurry book a consultation with The Knightsbridge Medical Aesthetics!

You can refer to the price here – http://www.knightsbridgeclinic.sg/latest-updates-prices.

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