Seven months – I counted – it’s been a good seven months since I last published, and now here we are at the end of 2014. I can’t say that I’ve had a smooth sailing journey till today, but I’ve certainly learnt plenty.

Looking back, 2014 has been rather eventful. For those who just got to know me – I started the year slow, having made an important decision about my career choice late 2013. By end February, I was without even the slightest clue where I would find my next pasture. Still, freedom nonetheless!

However the lack of routine became increasingly discomforting. I persisted but struggled. It wasn’t easy as you might imagine – that sense of uncertainty – I was never one to deal quite so well with the unknown. Thankfully, I got by on a healthy dose of optimism and support from loved ones and friends.

Then May arrived, and I landed the new job. For a long time now, J has called me a hopeless workaholic. Looking back on the last seven months, he was right. I didn’t know when to say, “no, I am done for the day.” We began to argue about my “work addiction” from time to time.

Days became weeks, and then months. I finally hit rock bottom (again) at the start of October. During this time, I was back on edge, and had little appetite for Life in general. I didn’t relish waking up in the mornings, and didn’t appreciate even my most primal of needs – food.

With the help of others, I came to realize I had to make some personal changes myself. You see, Life’s issues never occur in silo, nor are they caused by one party alone. My daily struggle wasn’t something entirely controlled by circumstance – it could be controlled in part by me, only if I chose to.

And so in October, I took a chance and traveled to Sydney quite spontaneously. Being able to breathe again was like a sudden shock to my system. For four days, I did nothing but eat, take in the sights and spend quality time that I owed J for the longest while. The trip was reinvigorating, to say the least.

Since Sydney, Life has returned to what it mostly is on a normal day, if not more busy! The difference is I’ve started coping better at my job, also thanks to the supportive team that I work with.

I guess all that’s left to say is that to be happy, or to seek happiness is to remember that we hold an extent of control over pockets of our lives. And we do this not just for ourselves, but for those we love.

Of course if you’re still reading this, a very Happy New Year to you. May you have an exciting one ahead!