Imagine a full set of beautiful gelish nails from $30 onwards. Carrie tries out home nail salon, CherPetite Nails, and gets gorgeous and intricate 3D nails done for the first time.

Home-based nail salons are a growing trend with more and more hobbyist manicurists are pursuing a part-time (or in some cases, even full-time) career in nail artistry and offering nail services from the comforts of their own homes.

While it may seem a little uneasy in the infancy years of home-based nail salons, with growing reputations and really affordable prices that most can’t find in actual nail salons that have to deal with increasing overheads and sky high rent, many are finding home-based nail salons a great alternative to get perfect nails done for every occasion.

CherPetite Nails, located at 219 Bishan Street 23, provides gelish polish and acrylic extension services only. Manicurist, Cheryl, is dead passionate about her craft and explains that she only offers gelish as normal nail colours do not last and she doesn’t believe that her clients should spend so much on each set complete with intricate nail art of classy embellishments only to have them chipping in a couple of days.

She feels that gelish is of greater value for money for her clients and she offers gelish nails at an affordable $30 (up to two colours only). This lasts at least three weeks or even more depending on how well one cares for their nails.

Clients are ushered to her room which comes with air-conditioning and a large TV to entertain them while she works deftly on their nails and is very comfortable. While not a professional work space, she has all the tools required to get the job done and she is very patient and dedicated when working on each nail.



I opted for two gelish colours from a large palette of colours from matte to metallic and glitter. CherPetite Nails offers a very extensive selection at her home-based nail salon and I found that the colours I preferred – white and lilac were available.

I wanted a timeless and elegant design without too much embellishments. After showing her several references of what I liked, Cheryl quickly went to work, first painting on layer after layer of gelish before working on the diamante of various sizes and colours which she specially picked out from her collection of sparkles to match my chosen colours.

She then hand painted the crisscross pattern on my nails (shown on the nails painted lilac) and this is done painstakingly and with so much patience.

I know Cheryl loves what she does because it wasn’t easy for her to work with my irregular nails. Some of my nail beds are short and stumpy while others are long and narrow. She had to rethink how to pain the design and have them perfectly match regardless. She was extremely professional and she really made sure each nail was painted perfectly.

The little “gel droplets” seen making a 3D effect on my nails (almost Dior-like) were also done with a lot of care. Cheryl had to ensure that each droplet was perfectly dropped onto the nail bed and one by one my nails were under the UV machine and hardened before the next droplet was placed on. She did this so that the droplets would be perfect. How thoughtful is she?

The end result are these really pretty nails which lasted me for almost a month! Really awesome. I always get my nails chipped because I get a little rough at times especially when I’m rushing around and it was so great to see my nails all intact and only starting to chip at the corners after three weeks.

Cheryl also coated my gelish nails with an overlay to protect the larger diamante from falling out too easily. That definitely helped to prolong the life of my 3D gelish nails.



Her pricing for nail services are also really affordable.

  • Basic Gelish (up to two colours) – $30 for full set
  • Nail Art – From $2 per nail
  • Diamante, Glitter and Overlay – $3 per nail
  • Intricate 3D Hand Drawn Nail Art – $6 per nail
  • 3 or more Gelish Colours – Add $5

My nails shown above would cost $72 which I find very competitively priced especially when taking into account how intricate and time consuming the hand drawn nail art is. Even at $30 for basic gelish, that is still great value for money! Goodness gracious, I miss these nails! Time for a visit to CherPetite Nails soon.


As CherPetite Nails is a home-based salons, advanced appointments are a must. Make a booking with Cheryl by emailing her at or Whatsapp/Text/Call her at +65 9655 7159.

Upon confirmation of time slot, a deposit of $25 to POSB Savings 126-96264-9 is required to secure the slot. Once verified, CherPetite Nails will block out your desired time slot.

CherPetite Nails operates on Mondays to Fridays from 5:30pm to 9:00pm and Saturdays and Sundays from 11:00am to 7:00pm.

219, Bishan Street 23
+65 9655 7159


I want you girls to give CherPetite Nails a go too and Cheryl has kindly offered I’m giving away two (2) sets of vouchers for CherPetite Nails services:

  • $30 worth of CherPetite Nails vouchers to one winner
  • $20 worth of CherPetite Nails vouchers to one winner

All you need to do is comment on this post with why you’d like to win these vouchers! Why not also make your answer creative and post links to reference photos of your desired gelish nail designs in your comment!

The giveaway ends 3 January 2015, 2359. This contest is only open to Singapore residents.