The Queen of vulnerability is dropping her next album a decade after her first studio album, Happenstance and pre-orders have reached 99% of its pledge goal.

Looks like Rachael Yamagata is back again and hard at work for her new album. It’s exciting times ahead for fans of Yamagata with the news of her next album and the 10th anniversary of her first album, Happenstance.

A New Album is On It’s Way

It’s been three years since the release of her last studio album, Chesapeake, in 2011 and everyone’s ready for more of her soulful ballads.

Similar to her largely successful crowd-funding campaign on Pledgemusic in 2011, Yamagata is offering fans behind-the-scene passes, signed goodies and a whole bunch of exclusives on top of offering her upcoming album, special digital covers EP and Acoustic re-recording of the Happenstance for digital download for pre-order on the same platform.

Her new full-length album will be out next year. 5% of all proceeds raised will be donated to Music Heals, a not-for-profit organisation that fund raises for music therapy.

The crowd-funding campaign was announced in September and in less than 2 weeks, more than 80% of the goal had already been exceeded. The Pledgemusic campaign is now at 99% of its goal.


Same Themes, New Approach, New Sound, 

Her raw, melancholic style of songwriting brings to mind this quote, For those who fight for it life has a flavor the sheltered will never know”.

Through the years, her compositions have however taken a more light hearted tone, going from tortured victim of circumstances and bad decisions with angst and agony to later compositions that are more pensive, reflective and responsibly empowered. She has also revealed that her new album will take an even more optimistic approach to life’s challenges and that will be reflected with less typical instrumentation. Looks like Yamagata has come a long way since her roaring twenties and has mellowed down over the years.

As a fan of hers since Happenstance, I can’t wait to get my hands on a copy of her new album and I am praying that she’ll be touring in Asia and be back at the Esplanade for another intimate session with fans.

Be a part of her new full-length album and support crowd-funding efforts. Visit Pledgemusic for more options and details.