Weekend Lunch at il Lido Italian Dining & Lounge Bar

il Lido Italian Dining & Lounge Bar is a renowned name in the food and beverage arena in Singapore. Situated on the southern island off Singapore, it is located at the serenity part of Sentosa Island, right at the Sentosa Golf Club.

The modish restaurant features an indoor dining hall with intimate table setting and an al fresco dining area that overlooks a lush-green golf course and Tanjong Beach area. It was a little more casual than I thought for a fine dining restaurant but the overall ambience and lightings of the restaurant at the point of visit was ideal for a Weekend Lunch.

The Weekend Lunch Set Menu comprises of an Amuse Bouche, Antipasti, Pasta, Main, Dessert and a cup of coffee or tea. There are several choices on the menu for each course and the great thing of going with a lunch partner means you get to taste a bit of every menu item!

il Lido_Frothy Mushroom MousseFrothy Mushroom Mousse

We started the meal with an Amuse Bouche, which was a Frothy Mushroom Mousse. The strong fragrance of the mushroom from the piping hot mousse was a great starter and the specially blended balsamic sauce lay on the bottom enhanced the overall flavour. The Amuse Bouche was also served along with complimentary Cheese Risotto Balls from the chef and a basket of Italian Breads with Vinegar and Olive Oil Dips, which was a pleasant touch.

il Lido_Parma Ham with Artisan BurrataParma Ham with Artisan Burrata 

Being a cheese lover, I picked the Parma Ham with Artisan Burrata as my choice of Antipasti. The burrata tasted a little different. The cheesy taste was mild and the texture was extremely fluffy and light, not too creamy as compared to those that I have eaten. The waiter shared that the burrata served was air-flown from Italy. The light taste of the burrata was delicious alone and was a perfect match when paired with the savory profile of the parma ham.

il LIdo_Pumpkin Tortellini with Truffle Bagna CaudaPumpkin Tortellini with Truffle Bagna Cauda

The tortellini was stuffed with pumpkin and boiled to the right texture, chewy and succulent. I am not a fan for creamy pasta but this dish was a worthy exception with the combination of the fragrant mushroom-y sauce topped with truffle shavings which tasted absolutely delicious.

il Lido_Tagliolini with Crab, Amalfi Lemon and TarragonTagliolini with Crab, Amalfi Lemon and Tarragon

Comparably, the Tagliolini with Crab, Amalfi Lemon and Tarragon tasted a little more usual apart from the fresh and succulent crabmeat.

il lido_Chicken, Goose Liver and Parma Ham Roll with Tarragon SauceChicken, Goose Liver and Parma Ham Roll with Tarragon Sauce

The thought from the chef can be seen from this dish presented with impeccable details to the flavour and the art of food. The tender chicken and buttery foie gras was rolled with a well-sliced parma ham, accompanied with three delicately coloured cauliflowers. This lovely plate of food art was pleasing to both the eyes and the palates. Dashed with the uniquely flavoured Tarragon Sauce, this dish was bursting with flavours with the right complementary texture.

il Lido_Bone Marrow Crusted Angus Beef Tenderloin, Heirloom CarrotsBone Marrow Crusted Angus Beef Tenderloin, Heirloom Carrots

Again, the Bone Marrow Crusted Angus Beef Tenderloin, Heirloom Carrots was artfully presented. The Angus Beef was well marbled and was juicy and succulent in texture. The special note of this dish was the distinctive pumpkin fragrance infused in it. Lovely!

After the main course, we decided to move to the al fresco dining area to enjoy the cool breeze with a view of the lush-green golf course and marina view of the sandy beach.

il Lido_Hazelnut Coulant with Spiced Chocolate Gelato

il Lido_Hazelnut Coulant with Spiced Chocolate Gelato_2Hazelnut Coulant with Spiced Chocolate Gelato

Unlike the usual dark chocolate gelato that tasted slightly bitter, the Spiced Chocolate Gelato gave a unique taste brightened with a tinge of spice that was totally refreshing. A spoonful of the gelato coupled with the hazelnut sauce oozing out of the coulant was a pleasing combination out to satiate any sweet tooth. If anything with chocolate tastes great, then you couldn’t miss out this heavenly combination!

il Lido_Roasted Strawberries with Vanilla & Yogurt SemifreddoRoasted Strawberries with Vanilla & Yogurt Semifreddo

The presentation of the Roasted Strawberries with Vanilla and Yogurt Semifreddo was simple yet beautiful. The Vanilla and Yogurt Semifreddo was not too sour and gave a good balance to the sweetness from the glazed roasted strawberries. Between the two, I’ll recommend the former as the choice of dessert to complete the meal.

In all, the food prepared was exquisite and delicate with artful presentation. The weather was ideal. A friendly and amiable waiter was there to introduce every dish and also too share his jokes on the everyday life at the restaurant. Complemented with the unparalleled view from the elegant restaurant, the lunch was thoroughly enjoyable.  Thumbs up for the gastronomical experience!

If you are yearning to try il Lido Italian Restaurant, go for this great deal for a weekend indulgence to enjoy both a gastronomical experience and moment of serenity for a temporal breakaway from the city! Check out the full Weekend Lunch Set Menu priced at S$58++ per person.

il Lido Sentosa Golf Club 27 Bukit Manis Road Singapore 099892
+65 6866 1977