I’ve not done any laser treatments because I generally don’t think I require them. However, I was introduced to Clear + Brilliant recently which is a revolutionary, gentle laser treatment. I want to emphasise on the word “gentle”.

When I decided to go ahead with my first session, I was actually a little worried. I was reassured that the effects were going to be incredible – glowing rejuvenated skin that is hard to achieve with just skincare products. Skin that has undergone Clear + Brilliant will become like an even canvas and texture and tone will definitely improve even with only one session. My main skin grouse is dull skin so Clear + Brilliant sounded like a great fit. My only concern was… would I be having a hard time maintaining my skin during the week of so when my skin is going through a turnover from the laser?

But I put on my brave face and went for my first laser treatment. The 30 – 45 minute process for Clear + Brilliant is as follows:

Numbing Cream > Clear + Brilliant Laser > Cooling Mask

Clear + Brilliant - Numbing Cream (45 Mins)

Topical numbing cream was applied onto my face for around 15 minutes. Some people might feel very uncomfortable with the numbing cream on and you can skip it. Some people don’t even use it! However, I would much rather have it on and bear with a bit of numbness and have a treatment with minimal discomfort.

Clear + Brilliant Laser

Clear + Brilliant

For the next 20 – 30 minutes, my doctor used the Clear + Brilliant hand piece across areas on my face. The sensation is a little bit like getting a sunburn in my opinion. It’s like when you stand in the sun for a long time and it starts to sting a little. That’s about it. It was very fast and bearable with flashes of heat throughout the treatment.

Immediately after treatment, my skin felt really hot. It literally radiated heat and had a reddish-pink appearance. I just thought I looked really sunburnt.

My doctor then helped me put on a cooling mask to help bring the heat down. It was left on for around 15 minutes.

Post Treatment Experience

The Clear + Brilliant Treatment doesn’t take much time, so it was done in a snap. Post treatment, I was supposed to apply a moisturising cream that was given to me by the clinic. It was a sort of medical healing cream of sorts.

My skin in the next few days was:

(1) Dry, a bit dehydrated and required rich moisturisers

(2) Rough and slightly sand-paperish to the touch

(3) Slightly pinkish-red in the first three days and subsequently duller than before for a couple more days

I was told not to worry about this as it is only temporary as my skin goes through renewal and after a week I should have glowing skin!

My skin was also very sensitive to sun damage during the period. It was advised by my doctor to make sure I avoided the sun when possible. If I couldn’t I should try to minimise or prevent any damage by wearing lots of sunscreen. What I did was I basically wore sun hats when in risky areas and I slathered on a lot of sunscreen (and reapplied it religiously)  and when there was a possibility of sun exposure.

Little Beauty Helpers (Summer Edit): FOR BELOVED ONE Melasleep Whitening High Sunscreen Protection SPF50** travel primp cebu  %post tags

Check out my blog post here on the sunscreen I used on my face during my Cebu trip.

As skin is super sensitive, I was also told to lay off any products that would have AHA or exfoliating products as it may irritate and harm my skin.


Even though I heard most people it takes a week plus for the redness to subside and some people said they had difficulty wearing makeup as skin surface is very uneven, I thought I was okay. Maybe it’s because I hardly wear foundation these days so it wasn’t as difficult for me to work around the uneven texture of my skin for that week.

By day 6, I was practically done with the whole process and I felt my skin become really smooth and it glowed even when I didn’t use any skincare products like exfoliants etc.

My Cebu trip was just two weeks after my Clear + Brilliant treatment and here is a snapshot of something I took on the trip. I had a lot of comments on my Instagram that my skin was glowing (this is only with eyeliner, eye concealer and sunscreen because I’m diving and it makes no sense to do a whole foundation thing). No doubt Clear + Brilliant was one of the reasons for the great skin.


And here is a photo I took just last weekend.

You can see that my skin has become a little congested due to the bad air quality but it is definitely a lot more glowy and bright than before Clear + Brilliant. I don’t consider this a “before and after” pictures since these photos are all taken some time after the treatment. But I personally felt my skin condition improve quite dramatically in terms of radiance after Clear + Brilliant!

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If you’d like to find out more about Clear + Brilliant, feel free to send me an email at carrie@thecambelles.com or FB message me on Facebook here.